Would the Australian Police be following orders if they knew the orders were coming from Pedofiles?!

What the Fuck is Happening in Australia - Part 6.

How is this happening? Our own police, that have children and families of their own are turning on the people. Protecting who? Where is this coming from? Why? Let's connect the dots...

Firstly, let's look at police that do the right thing.

Gary Jubelin was the lead detective in the William Tyrell case and is our first example of a real officer of the law.

They have gagging orders put on pedophile cases so they can't be named.

So when a real police detective, with the best interests of a child, tries to find the perpetrator they get shut down for 'illegally taping a neighbour....???!!!' WTF!!!

This comment is my personal favourite in this case. Out of the mouth of the POLICE PROSECUTOR;

No Officer is above the law....OK...WHO IS THE LAW?!


The child victim, William Tyrell's Foster Mum testifies in Gary Jubelin's defence. She states that Scott Cook, the Head of Homicide at the time in 2017 told her, "your not the only families that are the victims of crime."

Wow, he seems like a very empathetic person supporting victims of crime!

Gary's defence was that he recorded his conversations with the person of interest because he didn't trust his colleagues to have his back! Of course the magistrate made the call that Gary was acting unlawfully...surprise, surprise...

Gary Jubelin was taken off the case. Of course. Then there was another detective taking over the case.

What happened to all the evidence that Gary Jubelin collected over the years?

There no handover of the case? Then off goes the case. Straight off to the cold case department...hmmm.....not a bit suspicious...

These are some of the 'Key Points' made by Gary Jubelin during his trial;

Sound like someone wanting him not to solve this case....???


Come on! It's well know that police protect their own! Looks like Gary Jubelin is not and was not 'one of them' though...???!

This guy has 35 years of very successful detective work. Was recording a person of interest and gets thrown under the bus...hmmmm.... not very suspicious now is this...played to us that this guys was breaking the law! By God what a fucking joke!

If the man being recorded had nothing to hide why would this be an issue? I certainly would do absolutely everything to help this detective on this case....???

Looks like there is not to many people standing up to do the right thing in this case...

AND, Why would we have 'faulty equipment' ??? Wouldn't we be treating these investigations with the highest priority?

I'm sure we would all agree that I would be very happy seeing our taxes supporting this work. Why is this all just 'swept under the rug?'

Around 22,000 children go missing in Australia every year! Where are they going....??? Why does the media not report this??? Why are our police authorities not looking for them?

Actually, whilst we are looking at this very closely. Why has the media not reported on Westpac and Commonwealth Bank of Australia being under investigation for CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, money laundering and terrorist activities???

See Fiona Bartlett's point 4 here with the link to the news article.


Whilst all the points raise my eyebrows, you may also want to take strong notice of these point's;

Point 5 - Prime Minister Bob Hawke Hid Labor Party Minister’s Rape of His Daughter

Wow Bob! You will go to any length to protect your career! Or is it your just not that sensitive to these types of incidents? Particularly with your circle of friends....... You got the PM role of Australia and fucked us all over with your Australian ACT afterall...I wonder how much you really got in exchange for selling out our country and overriding our REAL Constitution..? How far would you really go if you can commit treason on a country and subject your own daughter to RITUAL ABUSE ??? Bravo Bob! You deserve father of the fucking year award!!!

Point 6 - Justice James Wood Grants Parole to Labor Party Pedophile

Geez, James Wood sure has his 'finger in the pie' everywhere when it comes to pedophilia! Investigating it at the highest level, releasing the pedopholies, keeping everything very quiet around this whole REAL EPIDEMIC we have happening....

AND WHAT ABOUT POINT 9! OUR CURRENT PRIME MINISTER - Point 9 - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s CIA Child Trafficking Connection

This is our Prime Minister and his 'wife' with Brian Houston at Hillsong having a lovely time together...

We all know about what really goes on at Hillsong Church right?

Straight from a victims mouth:

"Here's the PM of this country on stage with Brian Houston, who is currently under investigation by the NSW Police, for concealing crimes of his father and they're up there with their arms around each other. I am absolutely lost for words,' he said."

So am I Mr Sengstock (victim), so am I...

And what did Donald Trump say when Scott Morrison invites Brian Houston to a White house dinner??!!

The only response you could say if your NOT involved. "NO."


If the story could be told by one of these children, what is really happening this would be there story.

For those of you that have not already met Fiona Barnett. A hero and survivor. Her story from Humans are free:


This sure adds a tonne of wait to Karen Brewer's analysis connecting them all to Freemason Demolay.

Police corruption is not just ha