Who the Fuck is running this planet? What the Fuck is happening in Australia: Part 3.

Politicians? Religions? The United Nations? The World Health Organisation?

The past weeks have been extremely eventful. If you are only paying attention to the mainstream media you would be scared shitless. If you are looking around outside of this space you will feel a mixture of disgust, suspense, excitement and possibly confusion.

Let’s take a look around at the information available. Some of it at least! Let’s connected the dots…

A Vaccine is the answer to “The C-Bomb?” Well let’s look at this logically.

Bill Gates promotes this and funded the research for this. How is an 'IT guy' involved with a virus anyway? Let’s see.

What I want to know is what this has to do, if anything with The Global Agenda.

In my previous posts in this series I explained that the United Nations was behind the Agenda 21 plan. The Global plan to reduce and control the world population.

This article was deleted back around October 6, 2011. Thanks to David Wilcock though we can see why and how it is very relevant now!


Sounds like a great guy that would have humanity's best interests at heart....how would one achieve reducing the world population to only 250 million people...?

There were other ‘philanthropists’ at this meeting. They are some of the US’ leading billionaires and media persons. Are the media people brought in to make it to all look good?

  • David Rockefeller JR

  • Warren Buffet

  • George Soros

  • Michael Bloomberg (The Ex-Mayor of New York)

  • Ted Turner & Opera Winfrey - Are the media people brought in to make it to all look good?

According to this article that was taken down. Bill Gates along with some of the other "top billionaires" are out to reduce the population? Sound like part of Agenda 21?

Sound like a group of Cabal? The Deep State?

David Wilcock - The Great Pandemic. What is really going on.

Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om0afwpTwjA

Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I10P5tMLlI

Now with all that wealth, to be able to invest $43 BILLION dollars in this latest Vaccine plan. What else are these people involved with?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are one of the main partners, financial investors with THE UNITED NATIONS!

The United Nations. The same organisation behind Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030...? WTF?!!!!

See there recognition of this Partnership of the 'Sustainable' partners here;


And surprise surprise they have their finger of every pie including UNICEF and The World Health Organisation AKA WHO....Do you think the other 'philanthropists' that attended Bill Gates meeting are have financial investments in all of these organisations? Of course!

Quite the Global Community people aren't they?!

Africa is not the only continent they are working their magic in. They fund the vaccine research in Australia too...but look at some of the 'wonderful' things they are doing in Africa to help these 'most vulnerable people in third world countries.'

Gavi is a 'proud partner' of the Gates Foundation and all it's partners;


Hang on a minute!! This doesn't look good...

UNICEF and The World Health Organisation working with Gates to sterilise the people of Africa by poisoning their Tetanus vaccines?


Hang on, what??!!!!

Seems he is involved in everything and every way possible trying to achieve his de-population goal...stories just like this are happening all over the world.

"Oh, it's ok we will just use the African people to test the Vaccine for C-19?!"

Thank the world for Light Warriors like this man....

Bungoma (Kenya) Senator Moses Wetangu'la has called on African leaders to reject COVID-19 vaccine test on the continent.

Read the full story here:https://www.tuko.co.ke/349783-resist-senator-wetangula-calls-african-leaders-reject-covid-19-vaccine-test-continent.html?fbclid=IwAR0vs4GQ1WnXj_LXUyzrS8OIWfHpr4kx2LfsrfMks_WOGkxKQoGem84kZ0c

Now how on Earth does the Queen of England's husband fit into this picture?

This was his comment back in 1988?! The Queen of England's husband wants to come back as a DEADLY VIRUS to solve overpopulation??! Straight from the horses mouth;

See it here;


I'm going to ask you to possibly stretch your thinking here. The whole royal family is involved, including the Queen. That will come in a later blog because this is all forming a very big and picture. I'm going somewhere with this and it is a huge topic to explain.

As a side note I will give Megan and Harry a question mark around this as they have removed themselves from the royal family and have fled to another country. They know what is happening too. We will see what there motivation for this action is in the very near future though....

Why would the Queen of England be formally congratulating Gates by Knighting him in 1995?

"Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the couple have given away billions of dollars, most being spent on programmes to improve health in developing countries. Malaria and Aids have been a particular focus, as have childhood diseases. Recently the foundation donated $750m to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, which Mr Gates was instrumental in setting up."

The article gets even better. Geez, now I wonder what they were talking about in their private meeting....

See the full article here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2005/mar/02/usa.microsoft

Now, a bit off topic but I do have mention that whilst the Queen is patting Gates on the back for vaccines, particularly AIDs as it is a very similar story to C-19... There are natural remedies for all of these 'childhood illnesses.' How would the Queen not know this information?

Heard of Trump talking about Hydroxy-chloride lately as the C-19 cure?

Jim Humble a scientologist was using Chlorine Dioxide (not bleach as Google will lead you to believe) to cure Malaria in Africa years ago. It has since been used as a treatment for cancer and all kinds of 'incurable' diseases.

Why has this been kept from us? And believe me I have seen the lengths they go too in keeping this little number from us!

Is that it is so cheap and effective it's very scary for Big Pharma.....Now who has financial interest in these Big Pharma companies...hmmm...

See Jim Humble site here - https://jimhumble.co/

Why on earth all these 'Elite' people want to reduce population? Let's keeping connecting the dots and start with this:

Why would be Bill Gates be hanging out with Jefferey Epstein a convicted, sick and twisted sex offender?
An accused Human Trafficker...


Have you heard about Jeffery Epstein's Island AKA Orgy Island? What about AKA Pedo Island?

Why would all these 'famous celebrities' & Politicians, including United States President's be going there?

Don't they know about the tunnels and dungeons?

Don't they know that children were being raped and tortured?

Prince Andrew also involved with Epstein?!


Virginia Robert's a surviving, former sex slave of Epstein tells her story.

Of course Prince Andrew denies it is him in the photo...plays down his involvement with Epstein and has now stepped stepped down from 'Public Duties.'

There are many more, including Hillary Clinton (look up Epstein's flight logs as evidence) but you get the message here. I expect you fell off your chair at some of these names. Maybe you don't believe it? Stay with me it all makes sense when you connect the dots...

If immunisation is so great for the rest of the World.

How is it NOT OK for your family Mr. gates?!

Now, although there are MANY non main-stream virus and medical experts. Gates IS NOT one of them. Tom Barnett IS QUALIFIED. Plus he has NO Financial interest except to do the right thing by other human beings.

Imagine that!

Tom Barnett knows his shit with Viruses. Certainly qualified as you will see.

A must watch, easy to understand and we know it is accurate because his video was taken offline and mainstream media were giving him shit trying to discredit him:

What is being promoted by Gates and Co. as the solution the latest virus?! Another Vaccine!!!! Complete with a Bio-chemical chip this time, no wonder they shelled out $43 Billion on this little exercise.

So we are now all at home and the only way for us to resume 'normal life' is to be microchipped?!

We are not all this stupid??!!!!! Or 'sheep' as Bill Gates and Co. like to refer to us as....

What does all this have to do with Australia?

It is happening right here in Australia. This is a Global circle of so called elite people that are part of a very demented club. Think of all the top profile people, celebrities, politicians, judges. Almost ALL of them are involved in this.

Trump is one of the good guys. He has been trying to bring all of these people down.

Another person that has nothing to gain except doing the right thing as a human being. Did you know he didn't want to be president? He was asked to do this by the U.S military and agreed to do so when they showed him what these evil people had been doing. He funded himself completely to do this.

Trump along with 17 other countries deployed 37,000 troops. They have been arresting known Peodofiles and people involved in human trafficking. You wouldn't have seen any of this on mainstream tv.

The Trump administration have been working on covert operations all over the world. Whilst we have been in lock down they have been using the Deep State's plan against them...

They have been rescuing human trafficked children from tunnels in New York:

CEOs have been stepping down. Including Gates from Microsoft...

Just like here in Australia, who owns the federal reserve bank? It's a privately owned company.

Take a real look at what he is doing with the financial sector...

More recently he withdrew U.S funding to The World Health Organisation...

So what about our 'Australian' government? Who's side are they on? The People or Gates & Co?

I'm sure you already know the answer. Did you know we have tunnels here in Australia?

This is The Great Awakening to save not just Australia, it is to save humanity. To save humanity we all need to be aware of what has really been going on and we are all going to find out anyway...very soon. It is a lot to process so I will continue to give this information out a piece at a time...

With Love and Light, Lynda

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