What the Fuck is happening in Australia?! What is the Solution..? The Real Agenda - Part 1.

I recently had enough of seeing what our ‘Government’ is doing, GIVING our country to China on a Silver Platter! What is going to be left for our children?!

The fires have obviously been deliberately caused and deliberately not controlled....with 5 weeks of annual leave I had time to do some research. Spending hours connecting all the dots... to my astonishment, all the dots connect! Let's play Dot to Dot...

"What the fuck is REALLY happening and more to the point, what is the solution to stop this madness?!" I was off on a mission to find a solution...

Where to start...???

Someone must be already working on this right?

Everyone on Social media is talking about getting our government out being the solution....

"What is the process to overturn the government...?"

"How many people do we need to sign a petition...?"

"Is a petition the solution...?"

Now just a quick note that I am not one to follow politics. My idea of voting is to get my name marked off so I don't cop a $50 fine and throw the paper in the bin. So much for Democracy, more to me like Communist Dictatorship...Anyway, even though I keep above 'the bullshit of politics,' I do keep informed with Global, non-mainstream media topics. And just when I thought I was across most topics, I found I wasn't. By staying away from politics I didn't connect all the dots. Until now.

What a journey this rabbit hole has been! I found way more than I ever imagined possible and everyone needs to know this more than anything, ever. Hopefully a lot of people already do...

When the fires were in full swing and everything was burning, everyone on leave from work. A lot of people were actively involved and contributing to discussions on social media. Talking very openly. Then the fires stopped, we since had a downpour of rain and everything seems to have gone quiet on that front again. Everyone has gone back to work.

Back we all go to working our arses off trying to feed our families, tired and stressed out. Most people I expect come home, flick the T.V on to escape and unwind for the day.... Good little worker bees making money struggling to makes ends meet. Yet, collectively we are making zillions for those few 'Elite' families. That also own the 5 biggest media corporations....

Where to start? At the top!

Our government is only the tip of a very huge iceberg. They are fulfilling the plan and strategy set out by the United Nations which is backed by the 'The deep state,' Illuminati, Rothschilds,' whatever you want to call them.

Farfetched? Conspiracy theory? If you believe that by now you are starting to become the minority.

The wheels of change are already turning. Thank goodness to the non-mainstream media champions we have more and more evidence everywhere. Everyday.

This actually becomes a universal topic but for the sake of this post and just starting out let's keep it down to Earth :)

There are many, many famous people through history that know about this and have been trying to tell us.

Albert Einstein for example;

We are all being effected by this.

Awareness and us coming together is the key.

"Does it make sense to trust the Government and Media OR Specialists and Experts?"

Mainstream says Agenda 21 is for better environmental sustainability. Non-mainstream says very differently.

Who do we believe? I know what makes the most sense to me...obviously mainstream media is controlling and censoring what information we are fed and want to keep it that way. This is how they have kept control over us until now. Just like another country I know with their controlling and censoring...

Now back to the top. The official Global Plan or Agenda 21, goes right down to a local government plan. It can be found here on the United Nations own website - https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf

This is not a document about environment sustainability as it may appear. It is a document that is about the control of everything; food, water, power, education, minerals, plants, information, everything, even us. The main method of controlling us is by driving us out of regional towns and into cities. We are seeing this in Australia right now.

This Agenda 21 Plan, was signed off on by 178 countries back in 1992. Paul Keating was our Prime Minister at the time.

The first few pages of the official attendance can be found here - https://www.postsustainabilityinstitute.org/uploads/4/4/6/6/4466371/agenda.21.attendees.pdf


Do you think all our land and water being sold and restricted from us was all part of this 'Sustainable Plan for Australia?' Are we going to be 'The Food Bowl for China and the rest of the world?'

See the entire plan, specifically for Australia, by Australia to the UN here straight from the UN site - https://www.un.org/esa/agenda21/natlinfo/countr/austral/inst.htm

In light of recent fires and where they were burning exactly where the proposed fast rail system was proposed, when I saw the report Status report for TRANSPORT I became VERY suspicious:

When I try to drill down on finding the updates for further information in this report. The links for updated reports. NONE of the links work. Hmmm...

Why is our transport plan IN PROGRESS? Is this a coincidence or does this relate to a high speed rail infrastructure? We can't be sure by looking at this document because we can't drill down on any more information, but we can use our lateral thinking and look at the evidence. The recent fires that made a path directly where this rail system was proposed to go definitely points to that...plus we have overcome the loss of wildlife issues, reduced the budget enormously by clearing out the land. How clever!

So what is this Agenda 21 really all about?

Rosa Kiore was an expert Legal Witness for the Californian Government. Basically, she knows her shit and came to realise what was happening because of her position and area of expertise. See it explained here and on her many other YOUTube Videos;

Rosa Kiore is the Author of , Behind The Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 and you can see her website here: https://www.postsustainabilityinstitute.org/

Look around our water is being sold, controlled and restricted from us. Australia is very obviously the first country that is furthest along in this global plans’ development.

Do you or someone you know have a Smart Meter yet? Have you or someone you know been burnt out of your home yet? How strange that all the funding and donations made went to charities that can retain 90% of the funding amount. It did not go to the families, back into the communities to help them re-build. Where does this force them to go? You guessed it, into the cities!

What do you think our lives will look like if this all goes to plan?

Australia is on the way to being completely owned and will then be completely operated by China and other counties. We have already lost 90% of our industry! We will be then forced to live in 'Smart Cities' being controlled and monitored. Sound like a CONCENTRATED CAMP?

John Williamson explains what is happening to our land very well. One of the best I have seen yet;

Think about what China has done to their own people...even their internet content is controlled...

With all of our industry and farm gone we are going to run out of food. We already hand over all our best produce. Lamb, beef, seafood and dairy. Speaking of dairy, what about the baby formula situation that we did nothing about!

Not to long ago we had a Chinese warship just cruise into Sydney Harbour, unannounced. They just jumped out and loaded it right up, in broad daylight, in plain sight, with boxes and boxes of OUR Premium Baby Formula. Then just cruise on out! DRIVE THROUGH BABY FORMULA?!

How does this happen? What would happen if we did this in China? Hahaha! What did our 'fearless leader' do?

Maybe we are not paying him enough to take action? Maybe he, like all the rest of his mates are in a similar situation to Epstein. That would make more sense.

"It's like taking lollies from a baby..."

...She'll be right Mate. Take whatever you want!

China backdoored our whole food industry and we will be buying it ALL off them soon. Along with OUR water, everything.

Seriously what are they planning as their next step in this plan?

Don't know about you but I love fresh produce from our own backyard... and freedom...

Feeling inspired for change? Well stay with me!

Have you heard of Australia's Constitutional Law?

The REAL law that governs Australia that is still LEGALLY in place and 100% valid right now?

I'm no Constitutional Lawyer but with a bit of time it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure some very important facts that can make all the difference to our current situation.

'They' stopped teaching us about it in schools and it's very hard to find a copy (a real copy that hasn't had sections taken out I might add). So I wouldn't expect this to be common knowledge. It needs to be though. This is the key for us to take back Australia from China and these corporations that have ILLEGALLY taken over our country. They are doing whatever they want and we have been allowing them to flaunt it out face everyday.

The People are the Commonwealth NOT the Government

How did we go from The People's Constitutional Law....The Australian Commonwealth Government.....

To a Corporate Entity...?

Did you know that it is illegal for the Government to sell and with-hold water from us?

Before I take this topic to a whole new level, let’s look at a very simple fact.

It is everywhere, even on main stream media that water is being withheld and being sold. About 100 million litres alone being taken out of our prime water sources. Bottled up and shipped too...you guessed it...China!

Did you know that it is illegal for our Government to withhold water from us? Under our Constitutional law.

Straight from the Original Constitution Law Under Section 100:

It get's better. Did you know under OUR Constitutional

Law our 'government' is ILLEGAL?

Even more so, our “Government’ is not even legal thanks to Bob Hawk’s Australia Act in 1986. We, the people did not agree to the ACT therefore it is illegal and against Our Constitution. We did not agree to it, so it doesn't exist. Did you know this? It was all news to me!

Our local governments are also illegal. In 1973 there was a referendum of the people and we, the people, said no to local governments. They did it anyway, illegally. They are all corporations!

Paying income tax was never agreed to by us either. Imagine how much more money you would have if you didn't have to pay income taxes, ludicrous fines, tolls, land rates. The list goes on. This is all ours to take back. It is our right under Our Constitutional law because we, the people of the Commonwealth never agreed to any of it. If we have not agreed then it is not lawful. We have been conned by a very large Corporation and many other local corporations.

See for yourself. Type your local council name into the 'Government's' ABN/ ACN search here;


So what can we do at a 'Grassroots' level in Australia?

Gough Whitlam took the Queen out of power In Australia in 1973. Therefore people that have gone to England to ask her to help us have been told by the Queen, "The people of Australia have to help themselves." This relates to the Constitution and that we, the people have the power...we just need to know how...it's EASY if you know!

Firstly, understand what your/ OUR Constitution is. It is all very easily explained in this short video below. It is not rocket science, if I can understand it at a high level, anyone can!

One of my questions when I started this journey was, if a petition was the answer.

Now I know the answer is no.

Citizens Initiate Referendums (CIR) will give us the power to change the system.

CIR has worked in Switzerland for more than 100 years. Why not here?

We only need .51% of the population to sign a My Will letter — That’s only 100,000 signatures!

How can we change the system?

The last thing we need is another political party, full of promises at election time. Then they forget their promises once elected.

The Advance Australia group is working to bring about government of the people, by the people, for the people.

This video here is Mike Holt. Mike is NOT a politician. He is Ex-Military and has quite the repertoire and genuinely wants to see us get this country back on many levels. An expert on Constitutional Law and founder of Citizens Initiated Referendum or CIR NOW - https://www.cirnow.com.au/

About Mike - https://mywillaustralia.com/about-us/

Why can we do this?

Here is the link to explain the My Will Letter, the how, what and why process; https://mywillaustralia.com/my-will-what-is-it/

Once we have 100,000 signatures then we can set up a Grand Jury and begin the process - https://mywillaustralia.com/terms-of-reference/

The My Will Letter download and the address to send your original signed copy;


Mike is doing all the hard work for us.

All we have to do is sign My Will Letters!

If you cannot print a copy for whatever reason, please go to your family or neighbours for support to print the document for you. Or, Officeworks has printing facilities also. It's easy and about 10 cents per copy.

Download The Original Australian Constitution here: https://www.cirnow.com.au/fileuploads/!!!Original-1900-Constitution.pdf

Now I know this is not a Tesla, Free energy and all encompassing one size fits all plan but we have to start somewhere right? In our own backyard, at the top!

I have done my research and Advance Australia are not a political party and not out for themselves. They are average people just like you and I trying to reclaim Australia back to our people. It's a big job and let's face it, they can't be doing any worse then this current situation we are in....

An option to use an App for voting is part of this plan. This gives us, the people in the position of power to have our say and vote on Referendums. Easy! Ingenious!

Why didn't we have an App for voting before? Hmmmm...in this day and age? I'm going to take a wild guess here and say it has been 'rigged' using the current system...


They have a 5 step plan that you can see in detail here;

Step 1. https://advance-australia.com.au/step-1-cir/

Step 2. https://advance-australia.com.au/step-2-electronic-voting/

Step 3. https://advance-australia.com.au/step-3-electoral-reform/

Step 4. https://advance-australia.com.au/step-4-tax-reform/

Step 5. https://advance-australia.com.au/step-5-defence/

Personally, this is one of my favourites from step 4;

Plus we will able to take a whole range of issues to a Referendum Vote - Like cutting all ties with the UN and telling them what they can do with Agenda 21!

These other detailed plans up for Referendum are critical to taking back and overhauling our system.

These plans are not perfect but it's a good place to start our Referendums to get us on the right track to taking Australia back;













Please don't just take it from me. Do your own research. You will feel it resonate, or not.

If this all resonates, the first step to TAKE ACTION is awareness. Show this to people and discuss it openly with them. This is not 'Conspiracy Theory.' This is a Conspiracy though, by the 'Governments' being lead like evil sheep following briefcases of cash and who knows what else. All their strings being pulled like puppets by the so called 'world elite' where a few families gain and the rest of us suffer and are exploited.

Being aware and speaking the truth does not make you 'one of those crazy Conspiracy Theorist or crazy Activists.' It makes you a life realist. To change all that is happening, our conversations need to change.

There are already many supporting us on a Global level. We just need to do our bit as an individual. One is a very powerful number!


The rest will take care of itself.

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Part 2. Evidence link here - https://www.lyndaeveringham.com/post/evidence-agenda-21-in-australia