Tunnels and Technology we don't know about? What the fuck is happening in Australia? Part 4.

Did you know there are huge tunnel systems in Australia? It seems there is an awful lot that has been going on here in Australia that we are all unaware of. Let's see what has been happening, right under our noses...

Have you heard of Pine Gap? It's a huge secret military base called a D.U.M.B meaning Deep Underground Military Base) that owned by the Australian Government in partnership with the U.S?

Did you know that The United Nations were behind building this facility?

Before Trump took over Presidency of the US, our 'Government' made a deal with The Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State, what ever... members to build these secret facilities in our country! This organisation is active in tunnel manufacturing and maintenance...see here:

Group of companies under the this organisation - https://www.ita-aites.org/

People get killed for talking about what is really happening at Pine Gap. No- wonder there is limited information around on this place!

I did find some information and can connect some of the dots here. We could ask Phil Schneider an engineer that help to build it, but he is no longer with us after being killed when he wrote a lecture paper about it...

This structure not small, it is said to go 12 levels underground and no Australian workers were used to build it. There are not to many details on the facility and I know why. His lecture was deleted from the internet too - page not found when you click on the link of Phil Schneider's Lecture;


But wait there's more. Much, much more. I have also confirmed that there is also D.U.M.B facility in the Blue Mountains. Likely more going by the below. There are also tunnels in other cities in Australia. I have evidence on Adelaide and Canberra so will stick to these two for this blog. This is enough information to give us the whole picture anyway. More than enough...

You might be alarmed to know there are cities and tunnels all over the world. It is a massive scale system and Trump and Co. have been using military operations to blow them up and destroy them.

THIS IS HAPPENING NOW. See the U.S Military Intelligence update below. A detailed overview with the evidence from tunnels being blown up, fires coming out of manholes, sewers and drains. Not to mention the huge amount of earthquakes reported all over the world:

They are uncovering technology that has been kept from us. Technology that can change humanity and make the earth an awesome place to be for everyone. Imagine...

To recap, they have blown up tunnels that connect to OTHER COUNTRIES. They had to fight hand to hand combat on land to take down these tunnels operations because if they blew up all the tunnels and they filled with ocean water it would make the ocean drop so much that it could cause an ice age!

So who are they fighting in the tunnels?

The Illuminati, Cabal or whatever you want to call them. I personally can think of a few words for them...this is their operation which is a Satanic, sick operation including human trafficking, human slavery by various means including advanced technology, MK Ultra, mind control and cloning. Stay with me, it makes sense and I will prove this is real a bit later on...let's keep looking the magnitude of this operation, to name just a few:

Northrop facility (near Tehachapi Mountains) is the Illuminate's Top Secret base for Advanced Technology. Aerospace research and Genetic experiments. It is 42 levels deep, that is 800 miles or 1287 K/ms. Most importantly and most disturbingly though, the military RESCUED 35,927 CHILDREN! THIS IS JUST 1 BASE! The magnitude is horrifying. In order to make them into 'slavebots' for their sick society. They lived in cages. They were tortured and controlled by means of lights and bells going off and use electrocution as another method. And who knows what else...one can barley comprehend this...

Lawrence - Livermore facility is into Human Geomapping, a cloning facility. (again stay with me, it all makes sense I will get to that later). This facility cost $1.2 BILLION to build new!

And people are going hungry...

Palmdale Facility - is into antigravity technology research and new aircraft technology. Sounds interesting...their not building strange space craft are they? Hmmm...

Boulder Facility - This one says it all about what was intended to happen if Hillary Clinton got her way. This one is larger than the city above, intended to be the new DC. It is the main hub for ALL U.S facilities and is the main hub for MAGLEV trains (aka anti-gravity). These trains connect to places via the tunnels all over the country! They have storage of all supplies to support 1 million for 150 years! The city is complete with a huge lake, parks and lushess flora and fauna. All powered with Tesla free energy! Wow. Sounds like a lovely, disturbing place...complete with the massive MK Ultra mind control facilities. I expect they need a lot of slaves to operate that big city...

You did catch the part about Hillary Clinton and her plan to start another war if she was elected right? In case you missed it, it was part of the Oneworld order plan or Agenda 21/30 to take over the planet with this filth! She/it planned to send everyone in the U.S a letter with either a blue dot or a red dot. Blue meaning you were going to live because you could be controlled and were useful to them and red meaning you would be killed. Personally, I don't know which would be worse...and what about the rest of the world population?

Take a Deep breathe. Now back to Australia.
Do you think it's possible these cities and tunnels are in Australia? How many mines and tunnels are there in Australia...?
Do you think the cruise ships being strategically placed around Australia's coastline might have something to do with this happening here too? All the hospitals being empty. Who are these empty beds for?

Now before we go on to the tunnels. I need to introduce you to some one. You would know his daughter, Nicole Kidman. Her father is Dr. Anthony Kidman.

Anthony Kidman went to St. Aloysius College in Sydney - a Jesuit school.

Jesuit is the Spanish Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt.

Dr. Anthony Kidman researched , studied, performed experiments involving LSD and mind control. In particular, Learned Helplessness (LH) is defined as “the condition in which a person suffers from a sense of powerlessness, arising from atraumatic eventor persistent failure to succeed.” This term was coined by Dr. Martin Seligman, the CIA torture expert who discovered the phenomena while electroshocking dogs.


I can ABSOLUTELY see why in the picture above Nine News would refer to him in the caption as, 'A respected Psychologist.' Grrrr....please keep reading, it only gets better...

If you think poor Nicole is not involved, think again. I'm unsure on Keith. Maybe he is under mind control...

Nicole and Keith were married in 2006 at the Star of The Sea JESUIT church by Father Paul Coleman. He is their family priest. Let's not forget that Nicole also has still has ties to The Church of Scientology, a CIA/ MK ULTRA (mind control) linked cult too. What a Superstar...


Who is Fiona Bartlett? I'm glad you asked!


Are you thinking this couldn't be happening in Australia? One can understand why people would think this is not possible. Most of us have good hearts and couldn't to this to another person. What these people do is indescribable and they must be either under mind control themselves or possessed with the demons they worship.

As H. Jackson Brown said - The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.

So who is involved, how is this happening and how do we know nothing about it?


The Mainstream media don't report on this mostly and everytime these victims go to the authorities no-one wants to deal with them. From what I can see in all the evidence, is they are involved up to their neck, to scared to have ANYTHING to do with this. After all, we wouldn't want to end up like Phil Schneider and thousands of others now would they.....?


Fiona is TRUE Australian hero.

As a country we owe her a great debt of gratitude for speaking out about her horrific childhood. The light that she has shined on the darkness will enable this to stop happening to other children. It could have been one of your children. It has happened to many other families.

Think of William Tyrrell. The Beaumont children. There are thousands more...every year.


A snippet from Fiona's Memoirs now 40 years old:

The full version is here: https://pedophilesdownunder.com/candy-girl/

Now I know the truth makes some people a bit uncomfortable so I have taken snippets out of Fiona's Abuse drawings. The only evidence she has are drawings. They tell an eye opening story about What The Fuck, AND Who The Fuck Is involved in Australia:

Another connection between the Australian and US government. They are such great mates aren't they?!

Well by the looks of things here. doesn't look like Dr. Kidman was experimenting on only Sheep now does it? And doesn't Bill Gates refer to us as Sheep too?! Hmmm....

Note, the girl was hanging in a freezer room. Sold for meat.

And didn't Dr. Kidman have a sudden heart attack abroad one month after Fiona made these allegations public? Hmmm...

This is one of my favorites! John Kerr, the family man married with 3 children. The Queen's council having an affair with the Australian Prime Minister? The same prime minister that he threw out of his PM role and replaced with the opposition leader????

Ok, I had to put this one picture in. It would make no sense without the visual. I'm sure we can handle this considering what these children have been through....






This is all starting to ring a bell around when the ORIGINAL AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION was hijacked with their clever Australia ACT right?


GOUGH WHITLAM WAS THE PRIME MINISTER BETWEEN 1972 - 1975 (refer to first point that he and his 'lover Governor General John Kerr)

Didn't they take the Queen out of power in Australia...???!!!!

Didn't John Kerr take Gough out of power form his PM role and hand it to the opposition leader...???

Was this a lovers quarrel or a completely clever manipulation of a country?

Well now! Sir John has quite the 'professional' repertoire! Not only was he lawyer and judge (a QC nonetheless) that liked having orgies with children. He worked for The Australian Intelligence Agency during WW2. The Directorate of Research and Civil Affairs is described on Wiki as:

Directorate of Research and Civil Affairs was a mysterious and difficult to categorise think tank and possibly intelligence organisation within the Australian Army in WWII


AND get this!

Later in the 1950s, he joined the anti-communist advocacy group established by the United States'CIA, the Association for Cultural Freedom, joining its executive board in 1957.

WTF! It Gets better!

Did this guy have a lot to do with the current laws in place that protect pedophiles? Mates with the Chief Justice of the High Court! That's not a bit suspicious...and a total conflict of interest...

Did this guy have a lot to do with the shambles of current affairs with our entire

legal system, laws and mess made by this FAKE government?

Has this guy had a lot to do with victims being silenced, suppressed and Pedos saved?

Remember their government. Our fake government, is a company registered in the US! What a clever guy. I bet his mother is proud of him!

I bet there is so much more to this story but we will have to leave it there for now. Make your own mind up - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Kerr_(governor-general)

Now back to Fiona's story. The 13th and final part:

So let me get this straight. Amongst other things I just read. Like Nicole Kidman thinks it is amusing to watch other children being abused...

The FAKE Australian Government can place GAGGING ORDERS on peodophile victims that try to speak out?! Their reasoning is that Jacki Weaver's disclosure (there are many more just like Jacki's situation) of the FAKE Government's involvement with CHILD TRAFFICKING ETC would make the Fake Government lose credibility with US, THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE???!!!!!

NO SHIT!!!!! Who do these people think they are to give themselves these rights?

Out of all the long list of reasons Fiona gives for telling her story. This one hits my heart the hardest:

The full list is here. At the bottom of abuse drawings page - https://fionabarnett.org/abuse-drawings/

God bless you beautiful Fiona...

You are an angel sent to Earth to help humanity...

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...

Now we have run out of space on this blog, going just a bit off track from the Adelaide and Sydney tunnels. I'm sure you would agree it is worth it and very relevant after reading the above.

I will get other information out on these tunnels because it is very important in connecting these dots to see the whole picture. Look out for it in the next few days.

Until then if your still wondering is this could possibly all be real. After all I would be doubtful seeing on one person's story. There are many more people speaking out about this all over the world. I have done my research so I know Fiona is more than the real deal. I encourage you to do your own research too. You should trust only one person to believe and that is yourself!

There are celebrities speaking out about the truth of what is really happening in Hollywood. Mel Gibson has been banging this drum for almost 2 years publicly. And, getting rediculled from the Main stream media to discredit him.

Before you watch Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr below. My advice (particularly if this information is new to you) is watch the video about the media and how it controls us. It's first hand, straight from someone that has lived amongst it. You might recognise this guy from some big name movies.... This will change the way you look at the black box sitting in your lounge room. I guarantee it!

Until next time. With Love & Light, Lynda

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