The Truth about 'The Real King' of UK & Ireland - What the Fuck is Happening in Australia - Part 7.

Following on from Blog 5 with GREGORY JOSEPH HALLETT AKA 'The Hidden King.'

We discovered that we had a man from New Zealand, claiming to now be living in the UK. His claim to fame; to be the real King of the UK and Ireland. Gregory Hallett, claimed and stated in numerous interviews that his royal decent gave him the right to throw the Queen of England off the throne. What is the truth about Greg Hallett? Let's connect the dots...

Last night Virginie and I did a live Youtube feed from our Channel, Global Community talk. It's quite long so if your short for time, skip about 34 minutes into the interview and we start talking about the evidence and synchronised events we discovered over the past 2 weeks.

This interview follows on from our interview we did with 'The Hidden King' released last week. Filmed 2 weeks ago.

Apart from knowing something was 'very off' from the previous interview we did with Greg Hallett and following numerous other 'red flags....' Like this one we found on his Facebook page which is mild but let's face it.

Why would a King have this in his Facebook Albums for the public to see? I'm no prude, believe you me but hmmm....


OOOPS I think he forgot to take this one down...

After our interview 2 weeks ago he has since taken down the women in lingerie (with nothing left to the imagination) that was on his website. Noting that this happened after we asked him about it. We had to edit it out of the interview because we did not get an answer to that question either...He missed this on his FB page though...

Maybe he needs someone to manage his royal PR...????

We also found that the 'The King' fraudulently has edited a Trump Congress meeting video to make it about himself. Selling it to us in our interview with him that Trump and the Congress' were speaking about him in code. Just like Q!!! Greg's version was very different to the unedited version of that same meeting! Discussed in interview and also both links below.

One of the most interesting pieces to this story is a member of our community contacted his family still living in New Zealand. Greg's Mum and two sisters have done a live recording to put their message out to the public and we show it in our interview.

Thank you to our community for bringing this to their attention!!!

As stated before skip ahead about 34 minutes to the Kings stuff we discuss. This was our first LIVE so took longer than expected to get through, bare with us though, the information is gold.

Definitely worth watching!

Greg's edited version of Trump Congress meeting ;

The real unedited version of the same meeting;

This was our first LIVE video and we intend to continue to do these so feel free to subscribe to our Global Community Channel to be notified of the next interview and stay with us on our journey to truth and discovery.

Peace, Love & Light, Lynda