Melbourne Explosions & now China is taking over?

What the Fuck is Happening in Australia Part 10.

Tunnels, hidden technology, paedophiles, satanic sacrifices and worship. Human trafficking... WHY should we 'Trust the Plan' is happening in Australia?! It's huge and all makes sense... When we connect the dots....

Is China here taking over Australia with surveillance technology???

After all they already illegally bought most of Australia. Actually, our 'Fake Government' has given Australia to them on a silver platter!!!

Why would we think our Prime Minister Scott Morrison would change his game plan now?!

Makes sense he would finish the job and bring in One World Order/ Agenda 21?!

Picture taken from Facebook post recently

Kmart shelves are empty of stock.

Their products are all imported from China.... but 'They' are allowing crates of cargo in to rig up 5G towers for surveillance?

Picture taken from Facebook post recently

Melbourne being blown up in some very in some very key central places...are they being blown up to install surveillance?

This footage was taken by a Melbourne local last weekend...

Do you really think Trump & The Alliance would send Elite Military Troops to Australia. Blow up tunnels and save thousands of children and then implement a 'New World Order' surveillance?

How does this make ANY SENSE???!!!!

Ok, What the Fuck DOES Make SENSE?! Where's proof, I hear you ask??!!

What about this scenario...

Think back just over a year ago to June 2019. Three warships from China just cruise into Sydney Harbour UNANNOUNCED....Our country 'leader' does nothing...

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia is part of the Australian Fake Government. It has been proven he is part of the Paeodophile Freemason Demlay club that has been running all aspects of Australia. This 'government' has been in control since The First Fleet arrived in Australia! Scott Morrison is 100% part of this evil club.

Now, our 'government' go from selling 90% of our industry including farms, water, leasing our most 'strategic ports' to China...

Then three months later in September 2019 after the warships arrive, off goes Scott Morrison to the U.S to have a meeting with Trump...

Out of this meeting Australia would be ONE OF THE BIGGEST BENEFICIARIES of the US trade war with CHINA!!! Now remember, the shelves in Kmart are not being restocked. That proves that it's not Business as usual with Australia and China right???

Trump said OUR Prime Minister was 'A Man of Titanium?!' This is the same guy right??!!!

This is the same Prime Minister that wanted to take his pedo Bestie from Hillsong Church to this meeting with Trump remember?! And, also remember that Trump told him "NO."

And what about this comment:

"Australia's commitments to operations in the Middle East, and co-operation on the US plans for space missions to the moon and Mars."

Is this Scott Morrison's commitment the same Space Force Trump started on 20th December 2019...??!

We all know who owns all the other 'Secret Space Programs...the same 'people' that built the tunnels...

And what about the 'Operations' in the middle East??? Didn't Trump work with them to crash the price of oil...???

If your not across the significance of 'Moon and Mars' travel may I direct you to start your research with Laura Eisenhower.

Yes as in the Great Grand daughter of the former U.S of the few good presidents....

Laura is not only credible and knowledgeable in her own right. She was part of the 'Cabal Secret Space Programs.' Laura said no to joining the Mars colony though...for the sake of this blog I'm just making a point the significance is massive to Australia signing up for Trump's New Space Force Program...

Let's just say what's happening here is happening up there...and all connects in with the D.U.M.B bases and tunnels in Australia...


What has happened to the REAL Scott Morrison?

Did Scott Morrison change to Trump's and The Alliances' side? Has Scott Morrison gone against 'The Elite Bloodlines of The Illuminati?!'

September 2019 was a big month for Scott Morrison!!!

Not only did he meet with Trump that month, that's the same month the Australian Bushfires started... and then left us to face the National Disaster alone....whilst he was holidaying with his family in Fiji...

We know the bushfires were part of The Cabal's plan for Agenda 21 in Australia...and Scott would have known about this plan...he was part of it....

Looks like Scott was avoiding Australia that scared to come home to his 'Elite family?!' Is this when Scott started following Trump's plan???

And let's not forget what our Defence Minister recently said about the U.S Troops being sent here to protect us from China??!

Now, If that was true then why would our military and the U.S military be doing zero about the aircraft coming in from China coming in everyday since C-19? AND now they are offloading huge amounts of cargo in Melbourne...hmmm...

Is this a different China we are dealing with now...???

Not the Communist Dictator Xi Jinping...obviously running the dark agenda that involved torture, organ harvesting and god only know what else to his own people...What a leader!

Actually where is that guy...???!!!

Xi Jinping's meeting with Trump must not have gone as well as our Prime Minister's...

Missing since January 2020. Just after the C bomb was released....from China....

Then intro to A New China!

Established/ Proclaimed on 4th June 2020

Their mission: Take down the CCP (China Communist Party). Lead by none-other that Xi Jingping...

And guess who happens to be part of this New China?

Steve Bannon!

He was the former White House Chief Strategist of the Trump administration and had been widely credited for turning around Trump’s presidential campaign when it was running out of steam.

Click to see the full English version of the declaration here...

Seems like there have been plans all over the world for quite some time!!!

Actually, what about the current global financial situation?!

Let's not forget Trump took control of the Federal Reserve from The Rothschilds. World First.

Trump has survived. Another World first.

Every single trap he has set for The Cabal they have fallen for. Using their plan against them, every step of the way! Right down to the 'pandemic' keeping us at home whilst they destroy the tunnels, rescue our children from them. Arrest the paeodopiles. There have been thousands of arrests all over the world. His plan is working. Such a clever plan, as if he has travelled in time and knows every angle :)

All the 'Good Leaders' around the world are printing trillions of dollars of fiat (paper money). The Cabal's money system. A fake money system to create debt for us and wealth for them. By these leaders printing this money they are working toward Gold and Silver backed currency. Our real money system.

This plan will bring financial abundance to all of humanity. Everyone.

Gold is up by 50% since June! If your not up to speed on this subject, may I direct you to someone that knows there shit in this department. Pimpy. He has GESARA/ NESARA covered and explains this very big subject well. If your not across the gold and silver currency situation I strongly recommend you get across this for your own financial benefit ASAP -

Loans being wiped, taxes removed...

Proof enough of GESARA/ NESARA happening right now???

Why would one of THE MOST IMPORTANT aspects be left out of 'The Plan?'

Tesla Free Energy is also part of the GESARA/ NESARA plan. Trump's uncle was mates with Tesla...very good mates...he had/ has his research material...

Of course 5G technology that The Cabal was rolling out was part of their evil plan. There is no doubt about that. Just like the rest of the tactics Trump has used. He can also use Tesla technology to turn the 5G devices into Tesla Free Energy devices. It's very clever. It is the technology that should have been implemented when it was discovered by Tesla. Technology to change humanity. The best 'Environmental Sustainability Plan' yet. (Couldn't help myself) :)

Why was it not rolled out to humanity then?

Long story short. The dark side wanted to make and keep electricity a commodity. To make money. Another contributing factor that this is also part of the GESARA/ NESARA plan from a global financial reset view.

And just to think... how clever to have 'New China' redeeming themselves to the world by providing these Tesla devices...

In addition...what a win win all round...Because of their CCP predecessors alignment of the global trade situation....taking over the world... Who was THE ONLY country ready to go with all the manufacturing equipment, expertise & labour to supply the whole world with free energy devices...??!!!! Everyone loves a win win solution...

So have our 'government' been dirty fucking traders that sold us out to China?

We all know that answer!

Did you know that the then and current Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews made an agreement in 2018 with the CCP leader Xi Jingping?

See the signed copy of this arrangement here:

He went against the Australian Federal/ National directive with this. Other 'Australian politicians' the 'Prime Minister' said this would not be agreed too.

Since WHEN have 'our government' stopped China taking whatever the fuck they want here????!!!

Well since 2018 so it seems. And wow did Pompeo, Trump's US Secretary of defense have something to say to Australia!

Daniel Andrews the Victorian Premier of Victoria...

Grew up in the Freemason Demaly family...Pedo...

Been a leader on 'all sides' of politics for years...

Born, lives and leads the oldest Cabal City in Australia...

What was the plan here? Was it just about a Telecommunications deal with China?

Guess we'll never really know. All we do know is that the 'Australian Government,' including Daniel Andrews stated this:

UMMM...WHY DOESN'T EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS???? Oh, is this another topic that the mainstream media have forgotten to tell us about...???

Is the real question here: How did Trump get the 'Australian Government' to change agendas???

It seems we have two scenarios to choose from here:

The Cabal are completing their One World Agenda complete with 5G technology, surveillance, one world order/ Agenda 21 (were all fucked if that's the case)


Trump and The Alliance are rolling out GESARA/ NESARA which includes Free Tesla energy for humanity. That would mean that Melbourne is not only the first to get the 'swamp drained.' It also means they are the first to get Tesla energy rolled out in Australia.

And that would support the narrative that all the cargo being brought into Melbourne by China is Tesla technology.

If it's the second option; that would mean everything outside of this is just another trick by The Cabal. The usual tactics to create fear. They have nothing else left. They are just going down kicking a screaming...they just aren't losing this war gracefully...

Peace, Love & Light, Lynda


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