Important 'Earthquake' update for Australia

September is now 'Disaster Preparedness Month' the first 40 seconds has it all, for those who can read between the lines .... this is not about hurricanes .... !!

A National announcement from Melania Trump Saturday 4th September 2020

We can take a wild guess at connecting the dots here. This also involves Australia.

This was the email from ''G" basically as it was. I agree so here it is raw:

FYI: There has not been one earthquake for 3 going into 4 days now in Australia. (That was Saturday's email)

I feel a final big push coming on an I strongly suspect Sydney will now be in focus for the white hats.

'G' sent this to some people he knew to give them a heads up to be prepared. In my opinion it's great advise:

Regarding the "National announcement" from Melania Trump yesterday (4th Sept. 2020) The issue is about, that which is underground and has been underground for a very long time (and I'm not talking volcanoes and earthquakes) I'm not wanting to be alarmist here, because although big things are happening, mostly underground, that don't make standard news ... we will be Ok.

Your home is your castle. The military will handle the few issues that may rise to the surface. We will be OK. How do we prepare? On the simple priority level, drinking water stores (don't rely of the kitchen sink tap). In some areas you may also need extra water to flush the loo, half a bucket at a time there, plan for it, just in case. Favourite foods (there may be no power for a little bit) so the Barbie may get a little workout for a few days, lighting, music, smile, a confident smile. We are living in interesting times ..... Never before in history. Be prepared to help others who are not awake.  They will be lost in their dismay soon.  A kind confident word and a drink of water may be all that is needed.  A number of senior poly's and legal/law people are metaphorically, dead men walking ! .... They may likely 'resign' within the month.  It's for them, the disaster comes. The end of their era. Have quiet confidence that it will be OK. And ... For those not there yet, it's never too late to start to do simple short meditation. Do the best you can.  Be the best you can.

We will be OK. "Of course I could be wrong!" (Smiling) ....So I wonder why Melania said that?

You decide.

NOTE: This is a quick update blog. Not the usual bells and whistles. I just discovered this information in an email from a trusted source I will call 'G' they sent on Saturday. Couldn't wait because I want people to be prepared if this in fact also includes Australia.

Watch this space though for the next blog on HUGE tunnel evidence coming out in the next part of the What the Fuck is Happening in Australia series.

Peace, Love & Light, Lynda x

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