Humans have to have a story: Is this the biggest earthquake activity since dinosaurs were extinct?

A lot of people have been contacting me to ask about the Earthquakes happening now in Melbourne. Are they to do with the tunnels? I have been asked why people in different areas of Sydney are being treated differently with the current lock down...

Yes. I have had an earthquake update from my insider (even though I was trying to stay away from it). Not for any other reason than this is all a distraction from what we all should really be doing at this time. Learning to stay connected to our higher self. Learning to look at information as just that - information. And from a neutral view. Most people find this impossible...

Clearing out all our crap. Yes everyone, not just you is going through the same crap right now. Your not alone, this is a collective experience. As humans we are energetically all connected. It's our evolutionary path.

And not all sparkly like this picture. I Should have inserted a picture instead of someone shoving a big pile of poo from a paddock!

This is the biggest topic of humanity. All part of the plan for our evolution and it was always going to play out like this. Like popping a big pimple! Get rid of the pus and then comes the healing. I do understand that there are some others need this information to innerstand what is happening. Especially if they are in an effected area. I get it so here goes:

A narrative that is need to help us as a human species evolve our consciousness. As the veil has been lifted for many to see the the truth of our reality. This is the time for us to focus on ourselves to lift our vibration. The narrative of the 'evil' is very uncomfortable however, it is there to teach everyone something about themselves. The lockdowns created to give us the opportunity to do something required for us to shift our own awareness. We have been programmed by the 'Matrix' to be to busy focusing on debt, working to pay them and so many other external factors that we have not had the opportunity to look within. Until now. You see the 'Matrix' was inverted so that everything that was suppose to be peace on earth became the Kaos we have all been living through. Until now. Yes the movie the Matrix is real. It is more of a documentary then a movie. See the part of this is that 'they,' the 'evil forces' that have been controlling our planet can't help to show us what is really happening.

We had 'outside' forces that came in and 'unplugged' us (so to speak) and the 'Matrix' which is our human programming has been let just call it, adjusted back to how it was intended. What is happening now, has never happened anywhere in the Multi-universe. Ever.

If your rolling your eyes because your already are across this higher level of understanding just scroll down to the bottom for the earthquake update I received.

What I believe is this: We have help here from other forms of life force, god force. We call them extra-terrestrials. They cannot reveal themselves to us yet because most of us are simply not ready. Some of us are still racist against others skin color with other humans that are the same species. Can you imagine what most people would do seeing a galactic being?!

The reason is that the earth has evolved from a 3rd level of consciousness. The earth, Gaia ascended into the 5th dimensional frequency back in 2012. Now us humans are catching up. Bit by bit because most of us only use 3-5% of our brain so we can only wrap our brains around information a bit at a time - we also need a story (information) to comprehend what is happening around us.

If the other beings just rocked up on earth and started clearing out the 'evil,' and telling us "OK humans, now the veil has been lifted you have to stop going to work. Stay at home with your family and focus only on your heart. Get your emotions to a point of neutrality and release your trauma and wounding. And, not just your trauma and wounding in the here and now. (That's another story, I will leave that alone for now!) Now your also going to go through an emotional roller coaster that makes you wonder what the fuck your doing here. But it's ok, this is only an illusion and you must do this to help humanity evolve as a species and in turn the universe in it's entirety too." What would we as humans do?!

Lucky for us they are more evolved than us and know us even better than ourselves. Intro the narratives that have been playing out.

The earth is not this little sphere that we have been lead to believe. It is multi-layered. And yes there are beings that have been here helping us to rid this planet of the'evil' forces that have taken over the planet. My innerstanding is that they will be given a choice to either go back to creator/ god/ to source or they will be be taken to a prison planet.

It is our life purpose to now also connect back to creator/ god/ source.

This was an update send to me:

'Earthquake' Summary to date, 22-23 Sept. 2021.

After much digging in the garden ... the bold below are the added events from yesterday and today (in spite of much govt editing .. to get around)


Summary to date, 22 Sept. 2021.


You have probably heard about the 5.9 'earthquake' outside of Melbourne, Victoria in the Snowy Mtns earlier today (22 Sept. 2021, 09:15am).

I am analysing the data for All recent underground event

Here below are the seismic events that the Australian govt has published today …

This is less than half of what has actually occurred…. Much is missing from the Au govt… strange science ethic!?

The major Melbourne 5.9 event occurred at 9:15am Melbourne local time, 10km depth.

The next quickly following 'earthquakes' occurred in the same regional area of the Snowy Mountains ENE of Melbourne, the closest major town is Mansfield, Vic … around Mount Skene.

Interestingly the 5.9 epicentre was under Snake Creek on the western side of the Mt Skene area..

All these initial 7 Victorian ‘earthquakes’ are around Mount Skene, Vic.

And just for the record none of these 'earthquakes were on fault lines …

(see red lines on pic above are the earthquake fault lines)

None of the events in this area of central Vic are on fault line, neither are the Adelaide and NSW events.

Here is a list of the events in time sequence (so far today, 23rd Sept. 2021):

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 09:00am. Unknown magnitude, unspecified depth. N-E of Nyngan, NSW.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 09:15am local Vic time. 5.9 magnitude, 10km deep. Mansfield (closest

town, epicentre about 50km SE)

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 09:19am. 2.4 magnitude, 10km deep. Government House, Adelaide, SA.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 09:19am. 3.8 magnitude, 20km deep. Blacktown, Western Sydney NSW.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 09:24am. 3.5 magnitude, 6km deep. Mansfield (Mt Skene) Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 09:33am. 4.1 magnitude, 11km deep. Mansfield (Mt Skene) Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 09:47am. 2.5 magnitude, 6km deep. Mansfield (Mt Skene) Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 09:54am. 3.1 magnitude, 11km deep. Mansfield (Mt Skene) Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 10:07am. 3.8 magnitude, 10km deep. Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

(edge of Deep Creek, 3km west of Elanora Heights, on Billionaire Penninsula, NSW)

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 10:13am. Unknown magnitude, unknown depth. Nth of Lake Mungo NSW

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 10:15am. 2.4 magnitude, 6km deep. Mansfield (Mt Skene) Vic

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 10:28am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Hoopers Crossing, Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 10:29am. 3.8 magnitude, 6km deep. Hazeldene, Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 10:48am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth,. Shearwater Tas,

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 11:07am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth,. Launceston Tas,

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 12:25pm. Unknown magnitude, unknown depth. Hallet Cove, sth of Adelaide SA.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 1:15pm. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Coburg-Brunswick,Vic (north of Melbourne cbd).

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 1:18pm. 2.4 magnitude, 10km deep. Mansfield (Mt Skene) Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 1:35pm. 2.4 magnitude, 50km deep. Kew, central coast NSW.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 17:30pm. 2.7 magnitude, 8km deep. Mansfield Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 18:00pm. 2.8 magnitude, 2km deep. Mansfield Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 21:01pm. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. East of Dandenong, Melbourne, Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 22:04pm. 2.8 magnitude, 7km deep. Mansfield Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 23:16pm. 3.8 magnitude. 10km deep and 15km west of Mansfield, Vic.

• 22 Sept. 2021 at 23:19pm. Unknown magnitude, 10km deep. Beechworth Vic.

Sth of the border towns Albury, NSW-Wodonga, Vic.

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 00:45am. 3.8magnitude. 10km deep, Oxley, sth of Wangaratta,Vic. Epicentre off Oxley Meadow Creek Rd

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 00:49am. Unknown mag. 10km deep, North of Albury, west of Table Top on Himalaya Drive.

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 00:51am. Unknown mag. 10km deep, North of Albury, north of Table Top, at the Interchange of Olympic Hwy & Hume Hwy. Note: this too was removed within minutes of the captured screenshot.

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 01:48am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Fitzroy North,Vic (north of Melbourne cbd).

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 02:20am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. South Dudley,Vic (sth-east of Melbourne).

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 03:08am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Upper Plenty,Vic (north of Melbourne).

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 06:29am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Strathbogie,Vic (north of Melbourne).

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 07:11am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth, central Brisbane Qld.

(Under the corner of Ann St and Brunswick St., Brisbane ... the epicentre under the Press Club and Empire Hotel)

• 23 Sept. 2021 at 08:56am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Kooyong,Vic (sth-east of Melbourne).


25th Sept. 2021 updates: ‘Earthquakes’ Overnight for Melbourne and Sydney;

Most not published by the Australian Government.

Of the 10 recorded the Australian Government, they only published 2 @ Mansfield, the other 8 were misplaced that were mostly in Melbourne metro and Sydney.

This new epicenter yesterday afternoon in Melbourne (24th Sept. 2:53pm) has not been published by the Australian Government.

At a very small rural town Nutfield (population: 156) north of Melbourne, an area with lots of old mines.

"They seem to love these old & new gold mining sites, Mansfield area (the 5.9 'earthquake on the 22nd September and the 16 'aftershocks' following) is also an old gold mine area (since 1861) many mines in the area.... as is Bathurst NSW (where there is much satanic cult activity) ... and Cosmo Newbery, a new gold mine."

"I have not seen this 50km depth on the Australian mainland before."

The interesting feature of this event is the depth of the Epicentre - 50km;

24 Sept. 2021 at 02:53am. 3.8 magnitude, 50km deep. Nutfield Vic. A rural area. Epicenter just off Hustbridge-Arthurs Creek Rd, Nutfield, nearest x-st. Chapel Lane or Mine Rd.

Not published by Australian Government.

This is a depth that I would normally expect for Dumbs in PNG, Solomons and other Pacific Islands infested with much child trafficking.

The deepest (that I have found to date are certain islands of Fiji, which vary in depths from about 150km to 600km..... most other Pacific Islands are 50-200km depths .... but not Australia to date.

Over the last 2-3 days the Australian Government has only published about half the actual seismic events. In this recent time (last few days) the govt has 'forgotten' to publish more data than for all of last year. combined... and this 50km event today appears to be another.

***Note***: Hurstbridge Therapeutic Farm is not far away from this epicenter. A facility for children that have experienced trauma.

24 Sept. 2021 at 12:19pm. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth, Wentworthville, Sydney NSW. This epicentre was under the Garfield Medical Centre , Garfield St Wentworthville, Sydney NSW. (no suggestion that this place is involved)

Not published by Australian Government.

24 Sept. 2021 at 15:50pm. Unknown magnitude. Unspecified depth. Springvale South, Melbourne CBD.

This epicentre was under these units in Athol Rd Springvale Sth, Melbourne, Vic.

Not published by Australian Government.

24 Sept. 2021 at 18:44pm. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Port Melbourne CBD waterfront.

This epicentre was under 176 Dow St (rear near Seisman St.), Port Melbourne, Vic.

Not published by Australian Government.

24 Sept. 2021 at 23:13pm. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Parkdale, Melbourne CBD This epicentre was at the edge of the park behind the Oromo Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Como Parade W, Parkdale, Vic.

Not published by Australian Government.

24 Sept.2021 at 23:41pm. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Lauriston, Melbourne CBD

This epicentre was under a property on Odonnells Rd Lauriston, Vic

Not published by Australian Government.

Most not published by the Australian Government.

Of the 10 recorded the Australian Government only published 2 @ Mansfield. The other 8 were misplaced that were mostly in Melbourne metro and Sydney.

25 Sept. 2021 at 01:02am. Unknown mag. Unspecified depth. Frankston, Melbourne, Vic

This epicentre was under these large footpath ‘man-hole’ covers at the front of 26 Denbigh St. Frankston, Melbourne Vic.

Not published by Australian Government.

25 Sept. 2021 at 02:31am. 2.9 magnitude, 10km deep. Mansfield Vic.

Orange dot is epicentre.

This is the only overnight earthquake published by the Australian Government. Out of a total of 8 events overnight in Melbourne, Vic.

25 Sept.2021 at 04:50am. Unknown magnitude. Unspecified depth. Frankston North, Melbourne, Vic This epicentre was just to the side of a house in Ribbon Court, Frankston North, Vic.

This pic below is the delightful property in Robbin Court calling itself the “Agape Church of Australia” (not saying they are involved)

Not published by Australian Government.

25 Sept. 2021 at 07:04am. 2.9 magnitude, 6km deep. Mansfield Vic.

BTW: Mansfield in Victoria, apart from being the gateway to Mt Buller, is a very old gold mining area back to 1861, many mines for Gold, Tin, Bismuth in the area of all these ‘Mansfield’ epicentres. (See Live footage of 'earthquake' in Mt Buller on my Telegram Channel -

Red dot is epicentre (in the previous map).

The ‘Mansfield’ events are the only overnight earthquakes published by the Australian Government. Out of a total of 9 Vic ‘earthquake’ events overnight in Melbourne, Victoria.

25 Sept. 2021 18:30pm. 3.? Magnitude. 10km. just west of Essendon Airport, Melbourne, Vic.

The 10km epicentre is on the top-left corner of St Christopher’s Athletics Track, Airport West, Melbourne Vic.

This private catholic athletics track (and netball courts) is completely surrounded and enclosed by St Christopher's Church (not saying they are involved) at the Roberts Rd southern entrance, and the backs of houses along Clydesdale Rd, more houses until the northern entrance with an electronic gate at the far end of the Ratcliff Hall carpark off South Street. Then the Airport West Kindergarten on the nth-east corner, and along McNamara Ave the backs of shops border this secluded catholic children's athletics track.

"I find this catholic secluded children’s sports track very suspect."

"The epicenter was under this unusual sports property plan. The buildings at the northern end of the athletics track that are situated on the property grounds, are where the epicentre occurred and they look (based on the shadows) to be double story, which could possibly house a liftwell."

"This athletics track is hidden from public view."

"This surrounded property design is something I have come across a number of time previously with satanic cult enclaves."

This was only just published this afternoon, and again ... Not by the Australian Government:

Offshore Epicenter between Wollongong & South Sydney (sent through yesterday):

Occurred on the 22nd Sept 2021 (3 days ago before) at 10:07am

During the 'One Crowded Hour' in Victoria.

Yet only published today (25th September 2021)

Out to sea and half way between Southern Sydney and Wollongong

This is very large undersea Dumb area that stretches from Nowra -Wollongong - North of Sydney Heads

Below is a picture I personally (ex-military, informant) took in 1999 from the top of North Head, Sydney Harbour, of elite military Special Forces returning into Sydney Harbour after a few days attempt to recon this undersea Dumb.

It is hard to tell from this shot... there are 4 x Black Zodiacs (military rigid-hull inflatables) each one with a compliment of elite Special Forces soldiers [SAS]

They are all in elite black uniforms, black helmets, black dive gear, black weapons on black ops.

Similar to this following shot (which is not from that day)

Sadly, the 1999 op reportedly lost two elite soldiers in this 'exercise' the day before the shot was taken .... officially they died on a 'training exercise'

It may be a final rejoice, in memory of our true elite, that this dumb too is being taken out.

And Sydney's update for today:

Note: this occurred at 03:25am today but was only just released.

Just down Elizabeth Street in Sydney's CBD...

The epicentre was out the front of Department of Social Services on the corner of Elizabeth & Albion Streets..

...And just 200 metres from the states organized crime gang - NSW Police HQ on Goulburn St. Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

3.? magnitude 'earthquake" at 10km depth.

Again.... Not published by the Australian Government (surprising!?) ...

..but they may just regard it as a Melbourne 'aftershock'

The epicentre was 10km under these cars:

Here is an overview of the Victorian alleged 'earthquakes' over the last 7 days, most at 10km. You can see the line developed between the big Apollo Bay (bottom tip of Victorian southern coast). The Apollo Bay undersea off-shore Dumb (which was taken out last month, Aug) and the 10km deep line... to deep dark Canberra.

BTW: A person in Canberra reported to me yesterday that when the Vic earthquakes happen ... Canberra has rumblings under them!? I wonder why?

And one final update from Victoria (Geelong) today - 26th September 2021

This 10km depth is a theme...

26 Sept. 2021, 03:33am 3.?magnitude, 10km depth. Newtown (Geelong) Vic

The epicentre was at the rear of house in Percy St Newtown (Geelong) Vic

Only a few local verbal reports for today, mostly because post people were asleep:

• "My windows were rattling really loud"

There was another 10km 'earthquake' in Geelong back on 13 July 2020

Local reports from 13 July 2020, 2,3 magnitude at 10km depth, (about 10km north of this latest epicentre along the Bacchus marsh - Geelong Rd):

• "It was rumbling and a loud bang"

• "Thought it was thunder, but made the front windows shake. Checked the weather outside and realised it couldn't have been thunder."

• "Loud banging noise, Ike you would expect with a large/heavy machine falling over. Last about five seconds"

• "Short duration shaking and sound like a large distant explosion"•

• "Explosion Sound heard prior to house shaking"

• "Sounded like an explosion. The house shook" get the picture

"It looks like we now have more evidence that the dark side is being systematically crippled. Wooooooh-hooooh!!!"

Also from insider: FYI In central Australia the military are using armored vehicles, tanks, armored mobile field medical units, helis, jet fighters .... and not against the population .... operating covertly and reasonably quietly (until they hit the trigger that is) ... where ever the military units go at present the 'earthquakes' occur.

So is this the biggest activity since dinosaurs?

What we are going through right now already happened here before. Many times the earth has been 'wiped out.' Everything happening is cyclonic. Meaning, that when Armageddon happened with Atlantis, Lemuria in that cycle they got 'wiped out.'

We have missed and are past this happening in this cycle. Here right now. Because we have and are getting help and intervention. As I said. What is happening here on Earth has never happened before. This is an even bigger story and for another time.

I see a bright, happy and peaceful planet not to far away. We are getting there to that peaceful place. We came to be part of the Greatest Show on Earth. It just hurts like hell at the moment. Especially if your awake. We will pass through this. We are infinite souls here on a mission.

Anyway, that's what I think on this subject. As always though, look to your own heart for your truth.

Much Love & Peace to all and remember, your not alone.

Lynda xo

P.S - Have you noticed the changes to the sky? The beautiful colours? Have you ever seen it look so beautiful in this life?

I intend to upload any additional earthquake updates on my Telegram channel as/if/ when they come in:

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