Humans have to have a story: Is the Biggest 'Earthquake' activity since Dinosaurs? - Part 2

"Seismic-like events"

This now appears to be the Government science code word for a 10km underground explosion.

Not 'Earthquakes...not aftershocks...

Considering the Australian Governments consistent denial of reality over the last 24 hours, I think It's appropriate to support them with the map of 'Seismic-like Events' that didn't happen last night

And... all the people that have contact me asking questions about why their data is different to this may answer a few questions...

And... you had better be up all night to catch the data as it happens. Otherwise it will not be there when you wake up because it gets removed....

"I got up turned the computer on and found that there appeared to be about 7- 8 new events in Vic overnight since I stopped analysing data yesterday"

And... a lesson right here everyone on listening to your intuition:

"In the early hours of this morning (3:45am) I was woken by my intuition ... to look at the Victorian seismic data (not that I haven't done enough of that of late) ... so I lay there in bed having a little mental dialogue argument with myself that went something like this:"

*I'll leave that part out you can imagine :) The point is they got up...and we wouldn't know about all of this otherwise...

*God bless your efforts, after 4 days straight you listened to your intuition to get out of bed to check in the middle of the night!

"Soooo... I started ... analysing one by one"

Here are the first two:

26 Sept 21, 22:51pm 3.?mag. 10km behind 60 Sheil St with rear access to Canning St Nth Melb. Vic.

(this is very common to have multiple access points on "safe houses") thus I was suspicious here and took more time looking around the area.

27 Sept 21, 01:43am 3.?mag. 10km manhole in front of 8 Norwood Rd. (with rear access to 8 Cambridge St) St Kilda, Melb. Vic. (this is very common to have multiple access points on "safe houses") thus I was suspicious here and took more time looking around

26 Sept 21, 17:57pm 3.?mag. 10km Melb. ?? Vic.

"Sooooo... as I continued searching the events from last night they appeared to all disappear from the website... so I never completed the third, nor the others that I had not clicked on yet"

Lucky there is more than one way to skin a cat...and someone is not afraid of a bit of hard work and dedication in this department...

Here are the events that I have found in Melbourns Vic-NSW border and another two Sydney west...

The RAAF turns up in two of these NSW events...

26 Sept 21, 17:57pm 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic -like event] 12 Surrey Rd Dandenong Nth, Melb. ?? Vic.

26 Sept 21, 13:26pm 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic -like event] Bladdens Rd, Koo Wee Rup Vic.

The epicentre was under the taller barn/shed in the centre of this property.

26 Sept. 21, 21:45pm 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic -like event] Quakers Hill, Sydney (west) NSW. This epicentre out the front of 19 Bombala Cresent Quakers Hill (Blacktown) Sydney NSW. This Bombala Cres house has what appears to be an unusually large ventilation outlet on the street facing wall above the garage door.

26 Sept. 21, 22:51pm 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic -like event] behind 60 Sheil St to Canning St Nth Melb. Vic.

27 Sept. 21, 01:43am 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic -like event] below the manhole in front of 8 Norwood Rd. (adjoins to 8 Cambridge St) St Kilda, Melb. Vic.

27 Sept 21, 02:02am 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic -like event] Corowa NSW on the banks of the Murray River which is the border between NSW and Victoria. This 10km deep epicentre is just south of Corowa township, in the centre of the Corowa Golf Club Course, on the banks Murray River and just 300 meters from the state of Victoria.

Corowa is an old RAAF base town and as such there are old military tunnels under the facility. The RAAF no longer officially use the Corowa airstrip. Though the airstrip is still in use by local pilots and has been used for many years for the annual Australian Skydiving Championships, referred to in those skydiving circles as “The Nationals”.

Corowa Golf Course RE: 26 Sept 21 0202am 10km depth.

27 Sept 21, 02:45am 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic-like event] Richmond NSW The epicentre was beside Southee Rd Hobartville NSW, just to the south-west of RAAF Richmond.

This active Richmond Airforce Base has many tunnels underneath … And this epicentre is in direct line between RAAF Richmond and the large Blue Mountains Dumb Complex at RAAF Glenbrook (I have been down, via lift, into part of this extensive underground Dumb facility. The RAAF Glenbrook surface structures overlooks the entire Sydney basin metropolitan area.

27 Sept 21, 02:47am 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic-like event] this is just south of the previous Mansfield ‘One-Crowded-Hour’ cluster over the last 5 days, in a valley immediately east of Walhalla Rd Thomson Vic. Valhalla Rd runs along a high ridge line above on the east side of Thomson Dam.

The epicentre is on the Aberfeldy River deep in the rugged valley complex. The area can be accessed by 4x4 and just a few km north of the epicentre is the Merrington Campground and a few km’s north along the valley is the old Toombon Gold mine historic site. The Toombon Mine from 1871 was one of the largest mines in West Gippsland, and the largest producer of gold in the Donnelly’s Creek/Aberfeldy area with a total of 50,844 oz of gold before closing in 1912.

Note: In 1974 two 18 year old boys adventured deep into the mine is search of gold. One never returned alive the other was found by a search party at the bottom of a shaft in a foetal position.

27 Sept 21, 08:28am 3.?mag. 10km [Seismic -like event] 130 Sunbeam St. Glenroy, Melb. Vic.

The epicentre was under the grey roof structure in centre of pic with the white/black circular structure in front. See below:

FYI: Geosciences Australia list NONE of these seismic-like events

Summary of all known seismic events to date, by reported Epicentre Depth:

(22-27th September 2021)

Depth. # of Events

2km. - 1 event

4km. - 1 event

5km. - 2 events

6km. - 4 events

7km. - 1 event

8km. - 1 event

10km - 44 events

11km. - 2 events

20km. - 1 event

50km. - 1 event

150km - 1 event***

***This event report is suspect. Government House Adelaide, initially reported it as a 10km depth. Then 3 days later it was strangely modified to 150km, without explanation.

And that is all I have for you today my friends.

A big shout out to 'G' for his tireless efforts with collecting all of this data. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the peace of mind that I hope this information gives to you.

Have a great night sleep (and that goes for you too G, Lynda says in her Mum voice) Unless your 'intuition' tells you to get up that is :)

Stay safe and hopefully sweeter dreams for many more of you tonight.

From my heart to yours, Lynda xo

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