Fake Government & HIDDEN ROYALTY! We have a KING?! -What the Fuck is Happening in Australia? Part 5.

What else has been hidden from us? What else has been going on in Australia? Watch and listen very carefully to this rabbit hole! Let's connect the dots...you will be shocked beyond comprehension on this little investigation....

There are soooo many people that have tried to bring the truth to our attention. Have you been paying attention?

Rachael Vaughan and her brother Andrew McIntyre is another incredible story of being an incredible contribution to humanity. They have been trying to expose the truth, at their own expense. Being the victim of unimaginable abuse. Not being helped. Every Official they go to getting shut down... They persist to get the truth out.

They are true Australian champions. Ambassadors of the truth. They are the type of beautiful people, with beautiful souls that deserve Australian of the year!

Rachael has tried every possible way to report her horrendous abuse. Rachael has been the eye witness, the evidence of other children's abuse and MURDERS. Why the fuck is no-one listening?

I agree with Mary that she deserves an "Olympic Gold medal' for the most attempts at reporting to authorities. Check this out;


April 2006: STATUTORY DECLARATION to SAPOL re: 1) Max’s assault on me with knife, at 30 months of age; 2) in 1977 saw a mutilated child in Macklin Street bathroom.

June 2007: Letter to many MPs re lack of investigation by SAPOL, naming Max as the body boy for ‘the Family,’ also to Doug Barr, Major Crime and Det. Supt. Phillip Hoff.

8 Aug 2007: RESPONSE: letter from Paul Holloway, then Minister for Police. Declares that Major Crime Detectives “show there is no evidence linking Allan McIntyre” to this.

21 Aug 2007: INTERVIEW with Annette Burden and Scott Barker, SCIB, detailing abuse of me and witness child’s dismembered body as well as a man’s right foot, 1977.

5 Sept 2007: Second letter to politicians re SAPOL, to MPs:

Paul Holloway, Jane Lomax-Smith, Michael Atkinson, Jay Weatherill, Carmel Zollo,  Nick Xenophon, Kris Hannah.

20 Sept 2007:  RESPONSE from Wainwright, Police Complaint Authority: “cannot justify commitment of personnel and resources.”

8 Feb 2008: 4th letter sent to officials re 1) SAPOL refusal to act on our allegations; 2. Beaumont kids seen deceased in boot of car by my siblings in 1966.

23 Sept 2009: I rang Paul Llewendowski SCIB to say that a child (age 11) is living on same property as Max, and is in danger. Llewendowski tells me he won’t take the report.

Sept 2009: My Stat Dec that I saw a young girl being killed under my house in 1983, and that Max filmed us together.

19 Jan 2012: Told Crimestoppers’ David Sheridan: 2) Max is the body boy for a group who have conducted murders of kids for decades; 3) Louise Bell being buried at 8 Macklin St., Edwardstown, under a slab of concrete..

23 Feb 2012: My letter to SCIB asks why my deceased sister Clare’s psychiatrist wasn’t questioned re her allegations.

After this stint as you can imagine Rachael took a break from fighting. You can see Mary's full article here:


Now as much as I would like to get into the full, deep story of some of these stories. It is to detailed and complex for one blog. I encourage you to look deeper into this yourselves. It is soul destroying and pure evil what has happened to these beautiful people.

Rachael Vaughan and Andrew McIntyre have already told their story to the amazing Mary Maxwell on her site Gumshoe News. A fellow Light Warrior. Thank you Mary.

To give some context to the extent of what this women and other children have been through, I will highlight this from Rachael in her interview with Mary:


Hang on WHAT? Did Rachael just say that her father used parts of children and, not only fed them to himself and his family...People use to just stop by the house for drive through bits of kids?! WTF! What these children have been through...with nowhere to turn for help.

Now let's direct our attention over to our Neighbouring country New Zealand. Briefly. It matters and makes sense to what is happening hear in Australia...

I know this is not Australia, it is close enough being New Zealand. It all ties into Australia anyway. I believe that Australia and New Zealand are sitting right up the top of the food chain in this global corruption.

Anyway, when I heard around town in general conversations not to long ago what a wonderful Prime Minister Jacinda Arden was I couldn't help but wonder and flash back to another article I had seen before than. Now, she looks so lovely and innocent...but wasn't she allowing poison to be sprayed all over the country?! I had seen horrific effects of what 1080 does when consumed by ALL of the wildlife. Sold to the public as some other "Environmental' plan. Trouble was the evidence showed it killed everything. Each animal dying a violent death bleeding from the inside out. I won't show you the disturbing pictures but if you look, you can find them.


Wonder why they are really doing this? Maybe the fact they are dropping 2 million kilos every year and both the Minister of Primary Industry & The Minister of Finance having shares might have something to do with it. Along with it fitting right in with the One World Global Agenda. It's a winning situation all round! For them.

Now there is information everywhere on this if you want more detail. The point i'm making is it didn't make sense this was a good leader with the people's best interest at heart!

And here is the evidence! Not so lovely and innocent after all...

So she is a Freemason and comes out of nowhere to run a country? Who is that lady with her?! Hmmm...

Now over to Karen Brewer as she is very much the expert on Freemason Demolays. She has done an amazing job studying and making this topic public. I will hand this over to her as she is the local expert on this complex topic. And guess what. These are the sick pedos that have been running our country too. Including Scomo.

Meet Karen Brewer everyone. Karen is our is our Aussie Expert on Freemason Demolay.

Another fellow Light Warrior. Thank you Karen.

Freemasonry in Australia goes all the way back to the our First Fleet in 1788!

Karen Brewer has many videos on Facebook. I encourage you to check out Karen's other videos.

Karen is passionate, knowledgeable and really knows her shit!

Now, my understanding is that not all Freemason are involved. You have to be a Freemason Demolay to be in these high ranking positions. They are all from the same bloodlines. Yes, i'm talking incest.

My understanding, from a very reliable source is that the lower ranking Freemason's don't even know the higher rankings exist. Please be aware of this important detail. It's the same as our whole country being corrupt because our leaders are. We are not corrupt and we are only just starting wake up to what has been going on over our heads.

I'm sure the same can be said for lower ranking Freemasons that do not know what is happening above their head...

Why the Fuck do we have 'Suppression orders' to protect pedos? Listen very carefully to what Senator Heffernan says. Another Aussie Champion...

So there it is right there. Said by Senator Heffernan. (god bless this man trying to stand up)

There are Judges in Australian court rooms that are making decisions on our lives and our children's lives that are pedophiles themselves!!!!

They must be in some really high places if you can't even report these abuse matters to the authorities. They are either directly involved in the abuse themselves or they are too scared to speak out. Neither is worse than the other.

This explains how gagging orders placed on these filthy animals when they are the ones making the 'laws' to protect themselves!

These criminals are making decisions in the best interests of our families???!!!!! God I want to vomit....

Makes sense that a pedophile killer gets a life sentence never to be released?!

Whilst the Pedo's are all walking out free. We can't even mention their name's because 'It would make us, the public lose faith in the judiciary system?!!!'

No fucking shit!

The Royal Commissioner wouldn't have had something to do with all of this would he?!!!

Is this an alternate example of when children can't go to authorities....?

Well just before we move on. Let's get this straight. During my investigations I have found there was a massive children pedophile ring on the South Coast of Australia. 'Deliveries' between Wollongong and Sydney. The market was large with many officials involved...

So Mark Velera, 19 years old at the time (now known as Mark Van Krevel) kills a known but 'un-convicted' pedophile that is the 'Lord Mayor' of a town and a 'gay' neighbor down the road.


Why would a 19 year old do this? Do you really think someone just goes off on a killing spree with such vengeance for no reason?

And just by chance the 'victim' is a many times 'scandalous pedophile?!' WTF!!

Does this story make more sense that this guy, David Van Krevel, was the real victim of abuse and took matters into his own hands?

After all he had a conscious and handed himself in to the police...i'm no expert on psychology but that doesn't seem very psychopathic...


The media didn't cover the whole story now did it...such evil kids these are!!! What a joke!!!

And the plot thickens...


Am reading this correct right? This 19 year old (at the time of the murders so this happened before this remember) was sexually and physically abused by his father. He was hit on by these 2 OLD MEN. 'Seduced' by a known pedophile. His father could have been great mates with these lovely 'gentleman....'

Frank Arkell. Lord Mayor of Wollongong 1974 - 1991 ( a very well know corrupt Local Government, particularly at that time)

David O'Hearn.

Mark's other other 'victim....'

The plot thickens....

2 weeks later Mark's mate Keith, kills Mark's father because his sister said he was molesting her daughter (his granddaughter) and god knows who else and what else has really happened to these kids :

Then Belinda as above (Belinda Van Krevel, Mark's sister) gets locked up because she loses her shit...I WONDER WHY THIS COULD POSSIBLY HAVE HAPPENED???

You would have to be a genius to work it out wouldn't you...?!



How do we change this system to protect our children?

We have established that our politicians are a fraud and so is there system including the legal system. We have all been fooled in a very big way.

But wait this story gets even better. The whole royal family is a fraud!!! Let's start with Queen Elizabeth. The current Queen of England. Most people know that she changed her name to Windsor. What about her real name being Betty Churchill. As in her real father is not King George 6th. It is Winston Churchill! Her mother, Elizabeth Lyon's is not here real mother either. Her maid was her mother!

So let me get this straight. The Royals are aligned to the Nazis???!!!!! Hmmmm...

Then as you will see in part 3 below, we have 'Lord Kitchener' a RAMPANT PEDOPHILE being secretly sent out from South Africa. He was sent to New Zealand to travel around all of the Freemason lodges to promote buggery, child sexual abuse, incest and pedophilia?! Hmmm...now i'm starting to see how this all fits together...

****So Trump is saving the U.S.A and so it turns out we have a hidden King! His name is Greg Hallett! I'm serious!!!! I couldn't believe it but he checks out to be the legitimate King of England and Ireland! We couldn't make this shit up if we tried!**** UNLESS HE IS A TOTAL SOCIOPATH***Hmmm...

Mick Holt, another Aussie Champion interviews Greg. Part 1:

Well now, that explains how Jacinda the current Prime Minister of New Zealand got her gig! Her 'Freemason Controller' was the previous PM, Helen Clarke. PM from 1999 - 2008. A lesbian pedo in a cover marriage with a hommosexual pedo. Quite the couple they are! Don't they deserve each other...

Mick Holt, another Aussie Champion interviews Greg. Part 2:

First part of Greg Hallett's letter to Boris Johnson:

All of Queen Elizabeth 2, titles are fraud!

Now if you need a cadesusis to trade as a monarch and you don't have one?

Just create a fraud but don't get caught out or you have to shut half the palace down to hide all the evidence!

Greg Hallett has one though!

He is off to a good start....!!!

Predicted as the next King of England in ancient texts, right down to the exact date and minute of birth! Now ok, I'm starting to think this guys is on onto something here!

Plus, his title is already higher than any other royal....wow...this is looking good!

Mick Holt, another Aussie Champion interviews Greg. Part3.

From Queen Victoria to Prince Harry and William there only 2 legitimate royals?!

Now the plot really thickens!

Our real, original Constitution was signed off by Queen Elizabeth 2. The fraud!

According to Greg Hallett this guy pictured here - Prince Marcos Manuel - King John 2, should have signed it....oh dear we have a problem...

We go back to the Magenta Carta law now...well the good news is this Greg Hallett seems to be a reasonable enough guys to take it back to King John 1 and start from scratch.....and he can and is intending too....

And..Let's not forget that it is OUR Constitution. THE PEOPLE'S CONSTITUTION THAT WE AGREED TO AUTHORISE. In my opinion, until we see action here, our Constitution stands solid.

I'm beginning to like this guy more and more!

If he becomes King he will give Australia our Sovereign Independence. On the following terms;

We remove all silent weapons for quiet wars, communism, feminism, socialism, political correctness....ok where do I sign!

See secret silent wars document that Prince Phillip is behind referenced here. Very interesting and disturbing read alright:


Mick Holt, another Aussie Champion interviews Greg. Part 4:

Well these 'Royals' just do whatever they want. Fake your death, fake their birth rites.... there is nothing they can't do! LOL.....

And good ole Prince Phillip strikes again. The Rothschilds (Controlling our banking and finances, no surprise here) and of course no surprise they are behind the Global One World Agenda plan. But did you hear Greg say that Phillip was behind the Silent Weapons for Silent Wars document? Doesn't that make them all very close....different document. Same agenda.

And the saving GRACE for all of us is that Trump knows who Greg Hallett is???

I know which leader I'm backing...

The one with the real sword :)

On a more serious not. As always, please do your own research. Trust only yourself and your own intuition.

Please ensure you watch this as we then discovered some very disturbing evidence about this 'King' after interviewing him. After this blog we connected more dots. Not everything is as it seems: https://www.lyndaeveringham.com/post/the-truth-about-the-king-of-uk-ireland-what-the-fuck-is-happening-in-australia-part-6

This was our first live and is a little long so if your short on time please skip about 34 minutes ahead to the topic about our discovery on 'The King.'

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Peace, Love & Light, Lynda

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