The Evidence - Agenda 21. What the Fuck is happening in Australia Part 2.

We have let the mainstream media control our life for long enough. Let's step outside the square to what is really happening all around us. Let's see what the real Australian and Neighbouring Experts have to say on this matter.

I'm sure by now majority of people are awake up to most of what is happening around Australia and other parts of the world. Let's go into detail on the evidence here to cover the main points support my previous post on Agenda 21. The Global Plan is in full swing and we are the first kids off the block! Aren't we the lucky country....?!

If you have not read part 1 for this blog to this you can catch it here

Let's go back a few years in time though first. Is this all new?

This is not a new topic but was the first thing that comes to mind is Fluoride. We have had Fluoride in our water for years. It has been scientifically proven by thousands of (non-government backed) scientists that it in NO WAY help our dental health. In fact they report that it actually causes dental issues and kills our brains. Awesome, so let's also keep it in our toothpaste on the shelves in supermarkets. Good ol' Colgate and Co.! If you want the one without poison, it is always found right on the bottom shelf...

Other countries have stopped using it is their water or refused to do it in the first place.

Most European countries did not allow Fluoride to start with because their Government protected them from the poison being added. They didn't TRUST that it was safe to use even in small doses. Who monitors how much we are consuming anyway? More to the point why do we The People do not have any say in this?

See it here;

China does not allow Fluoride in their water! The Pope doesn't like it in his water either!

Seriously. Type 'Fluoride In water' into google and see what you get on the first page. EVERY single one is from a government health department saying how awesome it is and why we SHOULD be taking it. That will keep them all in business...

Look outside of Mainstream and you find a whole lot more!

Most people have probably already heard something at some stage about the Nazis' using fluoride in concentration camps in World War 2....well that should give us comfort in the safety of this to start with right?

Did you know Fluoride was one of the main chemicals used in the manufacturing of the Atomic Bomb?

So way back in the 1940-1950s when a heap of farmers from a town called Newburgh in the US, went down the legal path because of the devastating effects it was having on themselves and families, their produce and livestock. Instead of the Department of Agriculture carrying out the tests on Fluoride effects because it was killing crops, the US Army Chemical Warfare takes on the task. Then The University of Rochester takes it on to prove the Fluoride is safe in small doses.

Most interesting and how convenient, that at that time upto 90% of Federal funds for University research came from the Defence Department or the AEC - Atomic Energy Commission!

The AEC also funded the AEP - Atomic Energy Project - a top secret facility.

To cut a long story short. All the research material provided to the public has pages missing from the original documents. The grand results of the censored version were printed in 1948 in the 'Journal of the American Dental Association.'

This is from the UNCENSORED docs.

Here is a taste of what really happened to the workers working with Fluoride on this project

You can read the full article here;

There are hundreds more just like this but you get the point i'm trying to make because we are not idiots. Contrary to what our 'Government' believes....

"Why wouldn't our 'Government' protect us from this if it was bad for us?"

The same reason they are dropping chemicals out of planes I would expect.

This is a list of the Chemicals found in soil and water tests....

We have all seen this right? Is this Environmental sustainability?

All of these pictures are from Australia and you can see more recent photos here, by everyday Australians;

There has been independent testing by everyday people to confirm there are metals in our soil and water that shouldn't naturally be there. So how else would they get there?

And this has continued to happen up until the recent bushfires in Australia....

What does have to do with the bushfires?

Well a lot when you consider that Aluminium, Barium and Strontium are what is used to make Fireworks and Sparklers.

Why have been spraying sparkler dust over the planets for years? Then we look at Australia, being sprayed with sparkler dust chemicals. On top of already being in draught. A forced and man made draught at that but more on that later.

The Firefighters were all saying they have never seen fire like this in all their years of service!

Lucky the government CUT there funding just in time!

And, how does the WHOLE of Australia burn all at once? Hmmmm.....

Isn't this a National Emergency?

Where is our defence force that we the people fund the wages of? Not to mention our 'fearless leader?'

Feeling a twinge of guilt perhaps relaxing with a Chinese briefcase by the pool....

Let's Pray for Rain...?!

"No Artesian Basin. No water in the main water ways of Australia."

It doesn’t matter how much it rains here, it will not solve our issues. They have blocked the Artesian Basin in the Northern Territory. It is the main water supply of the creeks and river systems in Australia.
They have blocked it off and have it all spilling into privately owned dams that we are not allowed access too.
Our farmers have no water and are downstream from water being held in these dams. Some are just watching it go by their property and there not allowed to touch it.
We, the people did have the privilege of paying for the dams to be built though!

Then we are seeing that towns are being evacuated because they have run out of water. I wonder why? We have all seen example after example of the water being sold off, even covered in the mainstream media. Rubbed in our faces everyday. The Murray Darling being used to water cotton farms! That are you guessed it, are not Australian owned.

Why do we need cotton farms at all, let alone in Australia the driest continent in the world??

So, with a combination of a man made drought and the recent fires from hell, people have to move into cities. All in line with the Agenda 21 plan.

Now what is going to happen if we don't comply with their plan?

Let's take a wild guess here....

To get terror off the Australian streets, we now all of a sudden need semi-automatic weapons.

On December 18th 2019, the Australian Deputy Police Commissioner, Shane Patton announces; That in an effort to get terror off our streets, they are bring in semi automatic weapons to be used by 700 Australian police. This will be in effect by mid 2020.

How timely this was announced just before the fires!

Look familiar?

And while i'm at it here, why would Australia allow the Port in Darwin to be leased by the Chinese Government? How can this even happen? Darwin, a strategic Port be allowed and have the approval of our federal government to get signed off on a 99 year lease by our government? Any average Aussie with a bit of common sense can see this is outrageous and negligent on numerous levels. Then we look to our neighbours in Vanuatu and other pacific Islands and the same thing is happening there. Great strategy!

Why were there no fires anywhere near the ports on the east coast of Australia? I live close to one of these Ports were there has been an enormous amount of building and infrastructure going on, all at the same time. Wondering, where are all the people coming from to fill all this infrastructure? Now we know. From the region towns being burnt out. Deliberately.

And we are doing what about this? We know the answer this but why? Trade relations?

Australia CAN and WAS a COMPLETELY SELF SUFFICIENT COUNTRY. There must be another reason we need to be allowing China to just take over...

Now back to controlling our weather conditions in Australia.

This is not a new subject, the Chinese have been using this technology for years. It is very relevant we look at the evidence of it being used in Australia and how it is being leverage the fires and
These are all the 'weather radar stations' around Australia

This is the radius of the coverage of one weather radar....

Why do we need so many? Looking at that we would need about 10-12 to cover the whole of the country. There are about 55?! Because they are not for tracking the weather. They are used to control the weather! Now that makes a whole lot more sense!

Max Igan is our TRUSTED AUSTRALIAN EXPERT in explaining complex subject.

Max must be onto something because after he filmed this 3 series, he was attacked in his bed. Lucky he is ok now and unlucky for them. This just adds to the evidence the lengths 'they' will go to keep this information away from public knowledge.

Do you really think their agenda is to help us live long, happy, health lives? Or is it more likely they are trying to reduce and control the population?

Our 'Fake Government' have no regard for what we want, for our interests at all. They think they are above the law. Clearly when they flaunt what they are doing thinking they have gotten away with this. They think they are far enough along in this plan and the fact they disarmed us back in 1996 gives us no 'ammunition' to fight. They are very wrong on both counts.

We have a lot of help that has not completely come to light for everyone just yet. United and having awareness over fear is very powerful.

We are also protected by OUR Constitutional Law. This is the Law of the people which has been taken out of our education system so we don't know about it on purpose.

This knowledge, this Constitution is our Power. Our government is not legal. They are criminals and should be treated as such.

The UK just told the EU to shove it. We can do the same. It is our right.

This is a Global Issue and we all have to do our part. Let's start with speaking the truth amongst ourselves to create a new norm.

Australia are part one of the plan that is suppose to be used as an example for all the other countries under the United Nations Plan.

As highlighted in my first Part 1 post we can do something about this. We have to unite and come together at a 'Grassroots' level to and take action. There is power in the pen!

You can download your 'My Will Letter' here. Print it. Sign it and send the original to;

Advance Australia c/o 108 O’Sullivan Beach Road Lonsdale South Australia 5160

Download The Original Australian Constitution here:!!!Original-1900-Constitution.pdf

The US is already heading toward full disclosure.

The US people have stood up with Trump leading them against The Deep State, the United Nations and is undoing it all piece by piece. They have put China back in their place with a new trade deal that is in the US best interests. He is taking apart the economy piece by piece. The fake monetary system that is not real and put there by The Deep state with it.

These changes will make a change for Australia too. We obviously need new leadership though. They have to go, obviously. Getting signs and streamers out is not the answer.

We are about to see a whole range of things being disclosed in the US. Amongst many, I expect Free Energy will be one of them.

They have stopped Tesla and many others that have discovered this incredible and life changing energy.

Goodbye fuel emissions, good bye mother Earth being sold as a commodity.

Now this shit is real Environmental Sustainability!

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