Calling All Lightworkers to Pray for Australia! Fires were only the start. This is a Global plan.

Firstly, a heartfelt THANK YOU from the people of Australia. For all the prayers from around the world during our horrific fires. Unfortunately though, this is not over. It is only the start. The fires are part of the Global Agenda 21 Plan or as they sell it to us, 'The Environmental Sustainability Plan'. This 'One World Order' plan by the United Nations and is backed by the Illuminati, The Deep State or whatever you call the dark elite force that has been ruling this Earth for thousands of years. Until now that is!

Australia is the first country that is furthest along on this plan as they are using this fire and all this tragedy to promote Climate Change. The story that 'they' will be selling in your country will be, "look at what happened in Australia when they did nothing about climate change."

That's right, it will affect other countries after they have proven their point here.

How do I know this?

There are were 178 countries that attended this United Nations meeting back in 1992. All of them agreed and signed the Agenda 21 Plan. The attendance list can be found here;

It doesn't matter how much it rains in Australia, this will not resolve our issues;

Australia's main water supply that feeds all the main rivers and water systems has been cut off from us. Using our taxes our government has built dams to drain this water into privately owned dams. These dams are owned by overseas companies and we are not allowed to touch the water. Our 'Government' is using drought and fire to force people out of regional areas and into cities. This is part of the, 'Environmental Sustainability Plan.'

They are selling our water while our farmers have none. Purposely causing extreme drought.

Add Chemtrails to an extreme drought situation. Soil and water samples show they are spraying Aluminium, Barium and Strontium. These same chemicals are what is used to make Fireworks and Sparklers. They have probably been doing the same thing in your country in preparation. This has been happening for years.

Our Veteran Firefighters were saying they had NEVER in all their years seen Fires like this.

Our 'Government' cut Fire resources and funding just before the fires. Our Fire Services were begging the 'Government' to reconsider because everyone knew it was going to be an extreme Fire season. We have dead and dry wood everywhere because they made it illegal for us to collect it. They prevented back burning.

They wanted and got, a catastrophic situation.

A few years ago there was a fast rail proposed for the East coast of Australia. It didn't go ahead because it was to expensive. To many issues with clearing bush and the issue that to many animals were in the way.

The fires cleared the way for the fast rail system. 5 Million hectares or 12.5 million acres. All issues and objections have been overcome. For a bargain price.

Many Australians were wondering. How does the WHOLE of Australia burn at the same time? Even weather experts were reporting they NEVER thought this could have happened.

Max Igar is an Australian Disclosure Expert. He has been Independently reporting on many of the events in Australia.

After the third video Max made for this series. He was attacked in his bed from lower light forces with mind control technology. Thank god he is ok

as it was a failed attempt. You can see his work a in this video and how good he is and why they are trying to shut him down.

Our 'Government' has sold or rather given away in some cases 90% of our industry. Without any consent from the Australian public they are doing this which is high treason.

We are going to have nothing left!

Not food, no water, no free future.

The MILLIONS of dollars in donations, has NOT gone to the Australian people

All of the generous millions of dollars that was donated to help the Australian people has not gone to the people of Australia. The 'Government' selected the charities to give it to. They decided that all the donations were better placed into Fire equipment and training. Remember, the 'Government' stopped the funding prior to the fires in the first place.

There are people still homeless. This has been done deliberately to force them to move to the city in line with the Global Plan.

Celeste Barber is an Australian Comedian and gathered forces to get people to chip in over $50 million in donations.

None of the money has gone to the Australian families. She is trying to fight this legally but as you can see due to the red tape she is having a hard time. Our 'Government' has it all wrapped up which is why they chose to give it to the Charities they did.

Staying above and out of the 'bullshit' of politics left me ignorant...I should have known better. Knowledge is power.

As Lightworkers it is has been our duty to stay above politics, to hold space for the collective of higher conscious awareness. This is our mission. We have just achieved a massive shift, from the dark being in control for a very long time, to a shifted to the light.

We are all aware of the Extra Terrestrial and other universal beings that have been helping us to make a planetary shift to help us and in turn the collective universe. They have also told us we need to help ourselves and meet them halfway. Awareness is the key on a global level and there have been many people that have awakened. This is not new to any of us.

I have learned more recently that events keeps looping around until we take the necessary action to change the timeline. Have you ever noticed that if you have not taken the necessary action required in a situation then it presents itself again in another way? I recently heard from a Light Leader that holding space and connected to contribute to the collective in some situations is not enough. I agree. Take this situation for example;

If our child or someone we love was being abused, we wouldn't just stand there and pray would we? We would take the necessary action to stop it.

When I followed this trail trying to understand what was happening in Australia. Thinking what is going to happen to our children? I was out to understand what was needed to happen to stop the madness. I quickly realised that by me not being informed about the matters of politics, staying above at that 'bullshit' had left me ignorant and had left gaps in understanding what is really going. Then more to the point, how I/we can contribute to resolving this issue.

I rolled up my sleeves and started following this trail for a solution...the trail lead me very quickly to politics. I had to get down and go down the dirty path of politics...

What happens if your country, like Australia's country have leaders that are in the pockets of the Illuminati?

The situation that we have in Australia is that we do not have a Donald Trump saving the day and taking back the United States. Our Government is under the rule of the Illuminati and there Agenda. They are corrupt and are obviously benefiting with brief cases under the desks from selling almost all of our country to China and other Arabic countries.

The work of Trump taking the power back from the illuminati in the U.S over the past 3 year is going to have a ripple affect throughout the world. Change still must happen at a grass roots level with the Peoples awareness and change in our leadership.

The changes Trump has made so far are incredible. It is right on que for the prophecies around these 'Elite Families' having children that would infiltrate these families and help the light overcome the darkness. Another fine example of this is Laura Eisenhower, smashing open the Poedofile rings and bringing them down. Superstar Seeds!

Trump is making all the right moves with breaking the chains of people trafficking and peodifile rings. Changing trade deals with China, bringing manufacturing and industry back to the U.S and in turn creating jobs to boost their economy (amongst many other follow on effects that work in favour of the people), overhauling the banking system so that it benefits the people not 'The Deep State.' He has brought disclosure to lift the veil of the people so the are awakened and free.

You don't need to be a financial expert to know that the changes in their economy has to have an affect on other countries. But what happens if your country, like Australia's country have leaders that are in the pockets of the Illuminati?

If Australia is the first country for this plan then we need a plan to stop it here to set an example to the rest of the world. That the people have the power, not governments. Trump could not have achieved all that has without the support of the American people.

Here is Trump at the National Pray breakfast earlier this month explaining some of the achievements achieved in the past 3 years. The best in history.

The only 'Non-Illuminati' president that has lived to tell this story:

Our Government is not legal Whilst the changes Trump is making will have a global affects on some levels. We need a massive shift here with our Government to make

Taking apart the peodophien rings, re-negotiating trade deals with China in particular, bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. Meaning more work opportunities, overhauling the banking system so that it is to the benefit of the people. Not the Deep state or 6-12 families.

Is this point in Earth's history we are in a silent war. The silent war of consciousness power. Whilst we are waiting for the infamous solar flare we have to wonder, have we done all we can to help humanity by just holding conscious space and our connection to source? The Extraterrestrials intervened to stop the last solar flare to give us more time to evolve in conscious awareness. Have we helped enough to spread awareness to awaken as many humans as we can? I'm guessing no if we use political parties still being in control of people because they are following blindly. Still watching the main-stream media to keep updated on news and current affairs.

Taking action shifts timelines. Action that comes from our higher selves and then outward to create change. This makes us Light warriors.

What are we to do about this?

I cannot speak for other countries as to a solution but if 'they' are using Australia as an example to rest of the world, to your country. Let's show them an example! There is a solution in Australia.

In my investigations some major facts came to light that create a shift and bring the power back to the people. I couldn't believe it!

After I got over the pure shock and revelation of my discovery, it gave me the solution.

Our 'Government' is not legal in Australia. Our Australian Constitution is the supreme law which governs Australia. It was agreed and made legal back in 1900. This Original Constitution, The people Constitution has been taken out of our school system so that the people of Australia would not know about it. In turn our 'Government' introduced a system and their own Constitution that was not agreed to by the people. Their Constitution is illegal as it is against our original constitution. 'OUR Government' is not a government. They created a corporation instead and are registered as companies in the U.S. We have had corporations running our country that serve only themselves. And the 'Illuminati'of course.

The first stage of this was when a former Prime Minister calle Goth Whitlam took the Queen out of our Constitution. In high treason I might add. Anyway, that was the start of it so when our people have gone to the Queen for help she has told them she cannot help us. She tells them that the people of Australia have to help themselves. Understanding the original Constitution makes it all make sense. The people, the Australian people have the power in our original Constitution. Now this is were awareness comes in. The people first have to be aware this is happening and that they have the power to make this change.

After a string of synchronised events I discovered there are already non-political people already working on a solution. What we need in Australia is to form a Grand Jury comprised of 15 Commonwealth Public Officials (CPOs) to investigate and prosecute the political corruption. They need our support to do this investigation on our behalf by way of giving them authority to act on our behalf.

The aim is to have 100,000 original signatures on 'My Will letter' as pictured here. The Constitution was written in 1900 so we need original documents with original ink signatures sent to;

Advance Australia c/o 108 O’Sullivan Beach Road Lonsdale South Australia 5160

Download the Original Australian Constitution Here:!!!Original-1900-Constitution.pdf

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