Additional Information: Tunnels and technology.

Following the last release of Part 4 of the What the Fuck is Happening Series, there was a lot of additional information sent to me from our community. I wanted to share some of this information straight away as it is additional information to this blog. It is very relevant and very well said. Thank you to everyone for your support in getting this information out to wake people up to what is really happening in Australia!

I have not gotten permission from this person to name names. These person, knows who they are and I thank you for sharing this information.

Peter replied to Blog 4 - he says it so well and it makes the dots connect even more with the Fake Australian Government and the Fake US Government:

may I add some info? "Australia" is owned by US Inc not by the USA. US Inc is in Washington DC which is not part of the USA. Most people in the USA have no idea that there are two separate entities, just as most people here have no idea that the "Australian Government" is an administration corporation owned by US Inc, essentially run by the United Nations. And our Commonwealth of Australia was sunk by the Submerged Lands Act 1973. "Australia's" headquarters is Norfolk Island. Canberra is just theatre.

Makes sense! Our fake government having a U.S company number which is exactly the same company as the U.S Inc. company. The same company that operates with the United Nations. The Cabal, Illuminati, whatever... very interesting about our REAL headquarters being in Norfolk Island. Makes sense with what is really happening in Canberra being a 'theatre.'

Time for this 'Fake Inc. Co" to be brought down. Shut the doors because no-one in our greater humanity gives their free will to support this deceit!

P.S. Thank you to everyone for your support, information and sharing this information. It takes a community, a global community to unravel this mess of lies and deceit. I am grateful to be a part of it! What a great time to be alive on Earth!!!!

Also, please bare with me if I have not yet responded to your messages. I have received an enormous amount of response which is awesome but i'm a bit inundated and will respond as soon as possible.

We are all in this together.

With Love & Light, Lynda xo