Hey! So Glad You're Here.

When I first started building this website, it was to create a community of like minded people to support each other through their life journey. Particularly, with healing and higher conscious awareness. To bring awareness to collective conscious awareness and the importance of having support in doing this. As light workers' there is always power in numbers and this is the universal formula for change on all levels. I stand by this as the most important and relevant contribution we can make to Earth and the Universe. 

The time has come for Light workers (you are either on the dark side or your are a lightworker) :) to also look at the corruption of our governments and other world leaders and take peaceful and responsible actions to overturn them or make adjustments as necessary. We need to be Lightwarriors.

With a combination of Community Spirit and alignment to our truth, we are the most powerful beings on this planet. Let's lift the veil together to change humanity to bring peace for our future. For our children, for all children.

Peace, Love & Light, Lynda